Are Mynah Birds Dangerous?

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In the exotic landscape of Hawaii, the Mynah bird fits right in. Its brown body, black head, and distinctive yellow beak and yellow eye patches, make this a very pretty bird to find in your yard. But, before you start thinking it might be a good idea to get a bird feeder and encourage more of these birds to take up residence on your property, you should know that there are dangers that come with having Mynah birds around. Here are a few of them.

Dangerous To People

  • Cleaning birds' nests: Mynah bird nests are quite dirty and cleaning them up can cause health issues because of exposure to bird feces and other contaminants.

  • Droppings on walkways: When Mynah birds leave enough of their droppings on sidewalks, walkways, patios, or any other flat, potentially slippery surface, the droppings can present a slipping hazard. This not only may lead to injury for you or your family, but it could also lead to litigation if a visitor sustains injury and presses charges.

  • Droppings in general: Minah bird droppings have been known to contain infectious diseases that are harmful to humans. When these pest birds get into interior spaces, such as attics or crawl spaces, their feces are not only a problematic mess to clean up, they also may expose you or others to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. Mynah birds are also linked to the spread of a fungus called Histoplasma capsulatumis, which sometimes leads to an illness called Histoplasmosis.

Dangerous To Livestock

  • Droppings dangerous: As it is with people, the droppings from Mynah birds can also pose a health hazard for livestock. Studies have been done and confirmed that there is a transmissible gastroenteritis virus which is capable of passing through the digestive system of a Minah bird and then becomes an infectious disease which is spread when livestock are exposed to this birds' feces.

Dangerous To Walkways And Statues

  • Droppings are dangerous in other ways. When the droppings of Mynah birds are allowed to build up on walkways or statues, those surfaces can be corroded. The feces of Mynah birds have acidic properties that will eat into walkways and statues, causing damage over time. So even if the droppings are eventually cleaned, the defacement may be permanent, until proper repairs can be made.

Dangerous To Gardens

Like other birds, Mynah birds love to eat seeds, as well as plants. Although they can help in some ways by eating insect pests, in their search for these bugs, Mynah birds can be quite destructive. They cause damage to fruit crops and sugarcane and will tear up vegetables from the ground and loosen the soil. This can be a real problem for crop growers as it affects them financially. This behavior is also a problem when they destroy fragile native plants. And mynah birds cannot tell the difference between a pest and an endangered insect, which puts endangered insects at further risk.

Dangerous To Machinery

Like other types of birds, Mynah birds tend to get into machinery, which can lead to damages, malfunction, and more financial stress.

Dangerous To Indigenous Bird

  • At times, these pretty, yet unpredictable birds, can be aggressive toward the indigenous birds of Hawaii and can kill them.

Dangerous To The Bottom Line Of A Business

  • When these birds are allowed to roost and multiply and leave their droppings everywhere, this can result in there being cleanup costs. It is also a financial hardship to have roosts removed and surfaces repaired that have been damaged by the acidic properties of Mynah bird droppings. In addition to this, these birds are attracted to electrical boxes, which can be a fire hazard. 

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