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K9 Scent Detection

Why Should I Choose K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection?

Successfully eliminating bed bugs from your home or business can be a long road, one that must start with the proper identification of these blood-sucking insects.  Adult bed bugs are relatively easy to locate and identify, but small eggs and nymphs are nearly impossible to see with the naked eye, which is why Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offers highly accurate K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection.  

The Most Accurate Bed Bug Detection Tool Available

Bed bugs can hide under carpets, in baseboards, inside mattresses and box springs, in electronics and behind wall areas that are virtually impossible for a human inspection to occur.  Our K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection services can save residential and commercial customers time and money by detecting the problem early and potentially eliminating the need to treat the whole premises.  Bed bug dogs:

  • Have a 97% accuracy rate in detecting bed bug eggs; human visual inspections are 30% accurate

  • Can inspect an entire room in less than 3 minutes; human inspections range from 15 minutes to 1 hour

  • Cause no disruption to the property owner; human inspections must unmake beds, move clutter, and rearrange furniture

  • Have no limitations on the inspection area (they can sniff inside furniture, in clutter, under carpets and baseboards); human inspections are limited to visible areas only

Clear Benefits For Residential And Commercial Customers

Both residential and commercial customers can benefit from our K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection services.  

For Businesses-A bed bug infestation and the resulting bed bug bites can cause:

  • Unhappy guests

  • Bad publicity

  • Lost revenue

  • Loss of property

  • Costly pesticide treatments

  • Client lawsuits

Relying on occupant complaints of bed bugs is a recipe for disaster! Proactive inspections may greatly reduce the “negligence claim” a guest could assert. Part of the due diligence in protecting your guests should include a bed bug inspection policy with quarterly canine bed bug inspections. Some experts believe that in the future, the success of surviving a bed bug lawsuit will depend on whether or not a facility has a bed bug inspection policy in place.

For Homes- A bed bug infestation could require disposal of the contents of the affected room(s), costly pesticide treatments and the emotional trauma and stress associated with dealing with these elusive pests.

Our Service

  • We perform a comprehensive search of the areas in question with our canine team

  • Our findings are recorded and you are given a detailed, confidential report for your records

  • If our dogs alert to the odor of live bed bugs or viable eggs, we can provide you with an estimate to eradicate the infestation

  • We can provide a follow-up inspection to determine the effectiveness of the treatment program

Choose From 3 Types Of Inspections

For the most comprehensive K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection, we are proud to offer 3 types of K9 inspections.

  • Targeted-Conducted when a problem in suspected

  • Proactive-To prevent infestations

  • Post-Treatment-To monitor treatment results

Contact Sandwich Isle To Schedule Your K9 Inspection

With an unbelievable sense of smell, bed bug dogs have the unique ability to detect bed bugs quickly and efficiently, with little disruption to your home or business.  Ideal for residential dwellings, hotel rooms, health care facilities and other commercial establishments, Sandwich Isle offers our K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection services in Hawaii including Honolulu, Waikiki and Kailua-KonaContact us today to schedule your canine bed bug inspection!

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"Your team did an excellent job on our last bed bug complaint. After the K9 inspection turned up negative results the guest changed their story and admitted that they probably got bitten at the beach.

Bottom line is that it gave us great comfort to know that the rooms where not the cause.

Thank your team for me!"

Anonymous Housekeeping Manager (A Waikiki Hotel)

(Owing to client confidentiality; by client request certain names and company names are listed as anonymous)

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