Bird Control

image of ducks, chickens and pigeonsWhen pigeons, peacocks and other pest birds nest and roost on or around your home or commercial facility, they cause major problems. Feces, parasites and diseases are just a few of the concerns that property owners and managers have when nuisance birds become a problem. Not only do they pose serious health risks for your family, employees and your customers, they have the ability to:

  • Cause sanitation issues

  • Damage your home, facility and machinery

  • Tarnish your company’s appearance and reputation

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we understand how stressful an infestation of pest birds can be to homeowners and the negative impact pest birds have on businesses. That is why we offer bird control services that will protect your home or business from nuisance and potentially damaging birds. At Sandwich Isle, we’ve successfully helped homeowners resolve their bird problems. We also addressed pest bird populations in and around many types of facilities, including:

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Grocery Stores And Supermarkets

  • Hospitals And Health Care Facilities

  • Hotels And Other Commercial Lodgings

  • Office Buildings

  • Retail Stores

Designed to eliminate pest bird problems, including pigeons, sparrows, mynah birds and even chickens, our bird control services are tailored to meet your property’s needs and budget restrictions and are developed after a thorough inspection of your property. We employ a combination of products and procedures for the most effective solution to your problem, including:

Along with these effective bird control solutions, Sandwich Isle proudly utilizes the use of OvoControl. OvoControl is a cost effective, humane way to get rid of pigeons and other pest birds. It is a bird contraceptive that birds consume once a day to help control the birth of future generations of birds. This product is completely safe for the bird, your family, customers, employees and the environment!

Also Offering Peacock Control

Sandwich Isle also offers effective peacock control services in Honolulu, and elsewhere throughout our service area. Our feral pig corral traps also work very well for trapping peacocks. Our specially trained technicians monitor the corral traps via cellular pictures or a live video feed. Once all of the peacocks are in the trap, the technician can remotely close the gate and trap the peacocks. If you are having problems with peacocks on your property, call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today!

For all your bird management issues, trust Sandwich Isle Pest Solution. We take pride in delivering quality bird control services that will effectively resolve all of your bird problems, while implementing measures that ensure pest birds won’t be an issue for your home or business in the future.

Contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today to learn more about our effective bird control methods.

Sandwich Isle offers this bird control in Honolulu, throughout Oahu and other communities in Hawaii. To find out if we provide bird control in your area, please contact us.