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07 / 25 / 13
Questions About Bed Bugs In Honolulu

Honolulu Pest Control Experts Answer Your Bed Bug Questions

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we get a lot of questions about bed bugs and how we treat these for pests. In fact, we have been getting a lot of calls from property owners and managers in Honolulu and Oahu that we thought we’d take a moment and answer a few of the more frequently asked bed bug questions.

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04 / 22 / 13
Bed Bug Awareness Week In April

It's Bed Bug Awareness Week!

Maybe you’ve heard about these bugs or maybe you’ve had run-ins with them before, but this week is all about bed bugs! The Honolulu pest control pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are recognizing Bed Bug Awareness Week and we wanted to let our faithful readers know a little more about these frustrating blood sucking parasites, ways in which we detect them and how we can help you get rid of them in your Hawaii home or business.

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04 / 11 / 13
Coming Soon

NY Times; How a Leafy Folk Remedy Stopped Bedbugs in Their Tracks

Generations of Eastern European housewives doing battle against bedbugs spread bean leaves around the floor of an infested room at night. In the morning, the leaves would be covered with bedbugs that had somehow been trapped there. 

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03 / 20 / 13
Bed Bug Dog Smelling Out Bed Bugs Inside Mattress

Think You Have Bed Bugs?

Have you been seeing little brown splotches on your bedding, or been waking up in the morning and noticing little red bites on your skin? If you have, it is very possible that you have a bed bug infestation.  These little blood sucking insects are excellent hiders; you may not ever see them, but they find you while you’re sleeping, sneakily bite you and then return to their hiding places inside picture frames, behind wall outlets and even along carpeting seams. Because they are so good at hiding, many pest control companies have learned that manual bed bug inspections by trained technicians are not always enough to track these pests down. Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we have turned to the amazing talents of trained bed bug dogs to help us sniff out bed bugs for our customers and have found this form of bed bug detection to be a superior way of locating any and all live bed bugs and their eggs.

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