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08 / 29 / 16
wood destroying beetle

Damaging Beetles In Maui

There is little doubt that, if you can read this article, you've seen a beetle in your lifetime. That is, of course, assuming you didn't grow up in a bunker or on a space station. There are more than 5 million different species of beetles in the world and there is definitely no shortage of beetles here in Maui. But, what you can't tell simply by looking at a beetle is how much damage these insects can do. Let's explore more about the damages that beetles can inflict.

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04 / 22 / 16
common ground beetle

Beetles Found In Maui

With over 5 million species of beetles worldwide, it is no wonder that they make up more than 25% of all life forms - Fortunately for those of us here in Maui, we typically only battle with about 25 species. Some of the most destructive species are the ones that feed on wood products. They include: powder post beetles, old house borer beetles, bark beetles, and Asian beetles to name a few. No matter their name, the damages they inflict upon trees and wooden structures are costly and extensive.

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