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Red Jungle Fowl In Hawaii




Are you having trouble with feral chickens in Honolulu, Kailua, Mokapu, or Oahu? It can sometimes feel like these pests have taken over the islands. And, it is partly true. Since red jungle fowl were introduced by early Polynesian settlers, these roosters have been trying to rule the roost. They disrupt families with their loud caws, and drive dogs crazy. As they move about your property, they damage your lawn and garden by pecking and scratching everywhere they go. They leave their feces in the backyard and on walkways and driveways, presenting a slipping hazard, and a potential health hazard. Feral chicken are known to carry human spread pathogens. These diseases are spread through contact with feces and urine. That makes these bird more than a nuisance pest. Fortunately, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has some solutions for you


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Pigeon And Dove Control In Hawaii




How do you control a rat that can fly? Think about this sentence for a second. In it are the two important points we are going to discuss. The first deals with the exceptional filthiness of these birds. The second deals with the difficulty in protecting a business from the dangers of having these birds around. When we're done, you'll have all the information you need to understand the threat, and how to deal with it.


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Bird Control In Honolulu




When we say bird control we're not talking about the beautiful red-crested cardinal. We're talking about pigeons, sparrows, and other pest birds. According to the CDC these birds are vectors for salmonella, ornithosis, pseudotuberculosis, and histoplasmosis. The foraging habits of birds like the pigeon--also known as the flying rat--make them carriers of bacteria, and bacteria can cause stomach illness, vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, and other flu-like symptoms. Pest birds also cause sanitation issues, tarnish your companies appearance and reputation, and damage your facility and machinery. And if all that isn't enough to want these birds gone, they carry parasites like mites, in their feathers.


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Feral Chickens Are Making Some Noise




Feral chickens are a real problem all across Hawaii and they are certainly making some noise!


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