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08 / 19 / 16
mynah bird near hawaii property

Why Do I Have Mynah Birds?

Are you having trouble with mynah birds on your property? It happens a lot here in Hawaii, and it can be extremely frustrating. So, we're going to take a look at these birds and explore some of the reasons they may be coming onto your property.

Tags: mynah birds Hawaii  |  Prevention Tips for Pest Birds  |  pest bird control in hi

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07 / 29 / 16
mynah bird

Pest Mynah Birds in Hawaii

How can such a pretty bird be such a big problem? These lovely creatures with their vibrant yellow coloring and bright yellow legs can be pretty to look at, but what they do when they come onto your property is far from pretty.

Tags: bird birth control in hawaii  |  bird control in hawaii  |  mynah birds cause damage and danger

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07 / 13 / 16
building with bird control spikes

Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Control Pest Birds

When birds get into places they shouldn't be, they can cause all kinds of problems. Their droppings can cause damage to property, create a slipping hazard, and spread illness. This can contaminate food storage and outdoor dining areas. Birds can also get into machinery and damage homes and businesses. There is a long list of reasons to keep birds out of places they shouldn't be, but the focus of today's article will be on the most effect way to do it.

Tags: home and commercial bird control  |  bird deterrents  |  bird control in hawaii

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06 / 27 / 16

Proper Peacock Control In Hawaii

There is no doubt that peacocks are beautiful birds, and we agree that these birds add to the exotic beauty of Hawaii, but when peacocks and peahens get into the wrong places, they can create issues. That is why it is important to give them a nudge back to where they belong.

Tags: bird deterrents  |  home and commercial bird control in maui  |  problems caused from pest birds

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