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Birds And Your Home's Solar Panels




A common problem for Honolulu home owners are birds roosting on the roof. Pigeons, red jungle fowl, mynah birds and other pest birds make a lot of noise and can cause a lot of damage, especially on a roof with an expensive solar panel array. These pest birds need to be removed at the very first sign of an infestation, before their nesting materials and droppings cause a significant problem. The shaded area beneath solar panels can get covered with leaves, twigs and other nesting debris; this stuff will clog up gutters and will eventually become a fire hazard. The old bird barrier solution used for a typical roof pest bird problem is inappropriate for a roof with solar panels. To make sure that birds don’t nest on a roof with solar paneling, you must install bird exclusion that is specifically made for solar panels.


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Bird Control Solutions For Hawaii Businesses




One of the most common pests to businesses worldwide are birds. In fact, birds will gather in almost any place where there is space, food, and a water supply. Unfortunately this includes most businesses in Honolulu and Oahu. And although flocks of birds may seem innocent enough because you see them so frequently, they can actually be quite hazardous.


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Hawaii Bird Control For Solar Panels




Pest birds are a problem all across Hawaii and business owners in Honolulu know this first hand. With the recent increase in solar panels on the roofs of commercial facilities, pest birds are becoming even more commonplace, as these birds especially enjoy solar panels for areas to nest. If you have been dealing with pigeons, sparrows or the Mynah bird, Hawaii natives know that your best solution is to call the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. With services from Sandwich Isle, your facility can avoid infestations of the pest birds of Hawaii.


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Do You Know What's In Your Attic?




When was the last time you took a trip up to the attic? A great place to store clothing, holiday decorations and other items not commonly used, attics are great. Well, except for the fact that they can be a hotbed for pest activity.


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