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03 / 21 / 16
mynah bird found in hawaii

What To Do About All These Mynah Birds?

For those of us who live here in the state of Hawaii, we know all-too-well what a mynah bird is. It is an aggressive, highly invasive, and very smart, territorial bird with a brown body, black hooded head, and bare yellow patch behind its eyes. Its beak and legs are also yellow. And, these birds can be found hanging out in pairs, feeding on things such as fruit, grains, seeds, insects, spiders, crustaceans and small reptiles.

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02 / 29 / 16
pigeons sitting next to a hawaii business

Pest Birds Causing Havoc In Hawaii

When thinking of all the pests that can wreak havoc, create unsafe conditions, and spread disease, it is possible that pest birds top the list. Their ability to fly out of reach, build nests in high places, and roost on top of buildings makes it almost impossible for the home or business owner to eradicate and implement bird control.

Tags: commercial bird control services  |  bird birth control in hawaii  |  pest bird control in hi  |  eradicate pest birds

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01 / 13 / 16
pigeons on a concrete wall

When Birds Become Pests

Hawaii is home to some of the most exotic bird species found anywhere on the planet. These majestic and colorful creatures are part of what make our state one of the most significant tourist destinations in the world. But when birds--no matter how exotic--make their homes in or around Hawaiian businesses, they can become a problem.

Tags: commercial bird control services  |  pest birds in ha  |  humane bird control

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10 / 12 / 15
pigeons sitting on a concrete wall

The Pest Birds Of Hawaii

There are many pest birds that now call Hawaii home. Though they are not native to the Islands, they didn't take any time making themselves comfortable. Some have even managed to make themselves seem as though they belong in this island paradise or that they somehow add to its exotic and wild ambiance. But the truth is, a pest bird is a pest. All it takes is one feral chicken making noise at all hours of the night to realize that these birds are pests, or two dozen pigeons roosting on your roof and leaving their feces everywhere, to understand that pest birds are a pain in the neck.

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