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10 / 26 / 12
mouse in the attic of a home in honolulu

Do You Know What's In Your Attic?

When was the last time you took a trip up to the attic? A great place to store clothing, holiday decorations and other items not commonly used, attics are great. Well, except for the fact that they can be a hotbed for pest activity.

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10 / 12 / 12

Bird Birth Control Now A Viable Solution To Hawaii's Pigeon Problem

For the past few years Ovocontrol P has been used with great success in humanely reducing pigeon populations around the country by affecting the hatch ability of eggs.  Although the product was available in Hawaii, owing to excessively restrictive language in the label that did not take into consideration Hawaii's unique pest bird challenges it was practically impossible to comply with he label, therefore the product had very limited use.

Tags: Michael Botha  |  OvoControl  |  Honolulu pest control  |  bird problem in hawaii  |  hi bird control

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08 / 23 / 12
black bird on a building in honolulu

Pest Bird Control Techniques For Honolulu Businesses

When it comes to your place of business, safety of your customers and employees is always a top priority. And while many business owners are careful to protect the inside of the facility, there is a problem that is striking the outside of many Honolulu business facilities. The problem...pest birds. Pigeons, sparrows, doves, and even chickens have been causing problems for Hawaii businesses for quite some time.

Tags: bird control  |  bird birth control  |  OvoControl  |  Honolulu pest control

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08 / 09 / 12
pigeon in honolulu hi

How Oahu Residents Are Controlling Pest Birds Today

Did you know that pest birds are responsible for millions of dollars in property damages each year? And it’s no exception to Hawaii residents because pest birds including pigeons, sparrows, doves, and chickens are infesting many homes and properties on Oahu, causing damage, illness, and a lot of undue stress. Thankfully, to help protect families from the threats of pest birds, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has developed safe and effective methods of bird control.

Tags: bird control  |  pigeons  |  pest birds in Oahu  |  bird birth control  |  OvoControl

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