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07 / 12 / 12
close up of a flea found on oahu

Oahu Pest Control Pros On Preventing Flea Bites

Fleas can be a major pest problem for homeowners on Oahu and throughout Hawaii. And whether you own cats and dogs or not, fleas can find their way into your home. These tiny, biting insects who multiply rapidly are known to leave people and pets feeling miserable with bites. Thankfully, there are ways in which homeowners can prevent and control fleas from taking over.

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06 / 14 / 12
sandwich isle pest solutions bed bug dog in honolulu hi

A Day in the Life of a K9 Scent Detection Dog

For years our K9 friends have been used for detection services. Whether it’s sniffing for drugs, missing children, or criminals, dogs have an amazing ability to detect. And now to assist the professionals in pest control, dogs are being used to identify the presence of bed bugs in homes and businesses. K9 scent detection is 98% effective and a discreet means to help control bed bugs in businesses and homes around Hawaii.

Tags: bed bug dogs  |  bed bug inspections  |  K9 scent detection Hawaii

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05 / 30 / 12
Coming Soon

Tips for Eradicating Rodents at Home

In the May 27th, 2012 edition of Hawaii Renovation, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions contributed some helpful advice on how to get rid of rodents in your home.

Tags: Hawaii pest control  |  rodent control hawaii  |  oahu exterminators  |  mice and rats in commercial facilities  |  get rid of rats hi

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05 / 13 / 12
lyme disease awareness month

SIPS Recognizes May As Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Lyme disease is a serious tick borne illness transmitted by the bite of an infected tick. With the month of May being Lyme Disease Awareness Month it is important to spread the awareness of this disease so that people can avoid contracting the tick borne illness. The good news is that in Hawaii there are no tick species that spread Lyme disease but this doesn’t mean that residents are excluded all together.

Tags: Lyme disease  |  ticks in Hawaii  |  tick control  |  hi pest control  |  symptoms of lyme disease

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