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12 / 28 / 11
Hawaii Pest Control Pros Offer Advice On How To Avoid Bed Bugs While On Vacation

Bed Bug Prevention Tips For The Hospitality Industry

The holidays are behind us, but that doesn’t mean that visitors to Hawaii have left for the season. The Christmas season is one of the busiest for Hawaii’s tourism industry, and many visitors to our beautiful state are still here, enjoying the warm weather and sunny days that December in Hawaii can bring. This is great for Hawaii’s economy, but the pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can tell you that the visitors to Hawaii’s islands also bring bed bugs, and these pests can be really tough for the tourism industry to completely exterminate. Here we would like to offer you some bed bug prevention tips for your Hawaii hotel to make sure you don't lose money because of these annoying pests!

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12 / 15 / 11
Experts On Pest Control In Hawaii Offer Pest Prevention Tips For The Holidays

Pest Prevention When Bringing Home A Christmas Tree

Have you picked out your Christmas tree yet? If you’re like us, you probably prefer the real kind at Christmas, despite the cost or the frustration of lost pine needles on the floor. Fake Christmas trees are nice looking, and perhaps even easier to have in your home than a real Christmas tree, but they just don’t inspire that Holiday feeling like a real Christmas tree does! Whether you’re choosing a Norfolk Island Pine (first brought to Hawaii in 1852 and the official Christmas tree of Hawaii!) this year, or even a Leyland Cypress, bringing home the amazing smell of the Christmas aloha spirit with a real Christmas tree really completes your preparations for the Christmas celebration.

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11 / 22 / 11
Don't Let Your Luggage Become Infested With Bed Bugs

How To Host Family Not Bed Bugs This Holiday Season

According to the American Automobile Association, this coming Thanksgiving Day weekend will be one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. People will be hopping in their cars and heading to the airport to go and visit family and friends all across the country to celebrate Thanksgiving together. And because we’re in the lovely state of Hawaii, many folks in this state will be hosting family and friends from afar who will be looking to enjoy a beautiful and sunny Hawaiian Thanksgiving celebration. Sometimes, unbeknownst to the travelers, they pick up bed bugs along the way, and if they are coming to stay at your house, you could be the final destination for bed bugs! Sandwich Isle wants you to be able to enjoy your holiday season without bed bugs, so we’re offering you a few prevention tips to make sure your holiday visitors don’t bring these pests with them into your home.

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10 / 28 / 11
Learn More About Sandwich Isle's Bed Bug Detecting Dogs

K9 Bed Bug Scent Detection

Have you ever gone on a hunt for a needle in a haystack? It’s extremely difficult, looking for a tiny needle in amongst thousands and thousands of straws of hay; it seems like an exercise in futility, and can be extremely frustrating. Looking for bed bugs and their eggs in a structure can be just as difficult, as these pests are tiny- about the size of an apple seed, and their eggs are even tinier. Manual searches by pest control professionals for these pests can be extremely time consuming, and are rarely very effective. They must take apart beds, pull up baseboards, get into the areas behind electrical outlets and inside upholstered furniture and electronic devices. In short, manual bed bug searches are long and tedious processes that can still sometimes not be 100% effective in finding all bed bugs. So in order to find a more effective bed bug inspection process, the professionals here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions have turned to man’s best friend for a little bed bug reconnaissance.

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