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10 / 27 / 11
Learn more about bedbugs in Hawaii

Bed Bugs In Hawaii: Tips For Recognition And Prevention

Bed bugs are spreading across the country like wild fire, and Hawaii is no exception. There have been many sitings of these blood sucking parasites in all manner of facilities. Homes, apartment buildings, hotels and other commercial facilities all can have bed bugs at one time or another and it’s not a problem of having unsanitary conditions. These pests don’t care if you have a tiny rent controlled apartment or if you’ve rented the swankiest room in a 5 star hotel- they can live and go anywhere, and as long as they have a blood meal ready and waiting (meaning a human, lying fast asleep in a bed), these pests can survive.

Do you have bed bugs in your home or business? Here are a few signs you should look for when inspecting for bed bugs, and things you can do to prevent bringing them home when you travel. 

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09 / 29 / 11
Rat entering a Hawaii home through the front door

How To Keep Mice, Roof Rats And Other Rodents Out Of Your Home

If you’ve ever experienced a rodent problem in your home, you probably already know that setting traps is not enough to curb the pest activity. Even as you clear one trap, more rodents are likely to be foraging somewhere else in your home. At Sandwich Isle we understand that you must correct the conditions in your home and on your property that attract them in the first place to eliminate rodent activity as well as prevent future infestation.

Tags: Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions  |  rodent control  |  roof rats  |  house mouse  |  pest control tips

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09 / 28 / 11
Friendly and Professional Pest Control Professionals From Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions

How To Choose The Right Pest Control Company

In Hawaii there are all sorts of pests that require a homeowner’s attention. Pests like bed bugs can cause unsuspecting property owners undue stress. Other insects and rodents such as ants, mice and termites may even cause serious damage if left unaddressed. If your home has been taken over by nuisance and damaging pests, the best solution is to seek help from a pest control professional. Choosing a pest control company may seem like an easy task; however not all pest control companies are the same and should be selected carefully. With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you pick the right company for you and your pest control needs.

Tags: Pest Control  |  Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions  |  pest control company  |  Hawaii pest control

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08 / 31 / 11
picture of ground termites

Identifying And Treating Termites In Hawaii

Not only does Hawaii’s year round warm weather appeal to locals and tourists; unfortunately the warm, moist climate also attracts highly destructive termites

Tags: ground termites  |  drywood termites  |  termite exterminators in Hawaii  |  Sandwich Isle  |  Fumigation

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