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09 / 15 / 17
cockroach on dirty plate

What Is Drawing American Cockroaches To My Property?

Without even knowing it, many homeowners in Hawaii are attracting cockroaches to their homes and properties. It might just be that the cockroaches have found their way in through the cracks and crevices that are in the walls, windows and doors. It might be the leaky water pipes in the basements, kitchens or bathrooms. Or maybe it’s the crumbs that were left on the floor of their kitchen throughout the day. Cockroaches are driven by the need for shelter, water, and food. Our homes offer that and so much more, why wouldn’t a cockroach want to come in?

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12 / 24 / 16
cockroach on dirty plate

Avoid Cockroaches in Your Kitchen Pantry

You're getting ready to get your holiday baking done. You don’t want to mess around having to get rid of roaches too. In Hawaii there are 3 common types of cockroaches; American, German and Surinam.

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12 / 22 / 16
home being prepared for fumigation

Professionals Make Fumigation Safe

Many people fear fumigation because it relies on the use of pesticides to eliminate a pest problem, such as termites, cockroaches, or bed bugs, in homes or businesses. Fumigation is an extremely effective pest control method; and in some cases, it is the only reliable method that will completely eliminate an infestation. The professional pest control specialists from Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are certified applicators specializing in fumigation in Hawaii and ensure the safe delivery of fumigation services.

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11 / 21 / 16
pantry pest in grain

Holiday Baking Without The Stress

As the holidays roll around, families all over the United States hit the kitchen baking all sorts of tasty treats for friends and neighbors. What is better than pulling out your favorite pie from the oven to celebrate Thanksgiving or leaving your famous chocolate chip cookies for the big man in red on Christmas Eve? Frequently hailed as the best time of the year, the holiday season can also be one of the most stressful. There are those among us who not only want to make sure that the holidays are as advertised, but to be the best holiday yet. Imagine that moment when that person pulls out all of their baking stash, flour, chocolate chips, nuts, and sugar only to find it full of tiny little bugs in that first scoop full.

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