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06 / 28 / 17
resort on hawaii coast

Protect Your Resort From Unwanted Guests

Hawaii is full of exotic creatures. The tropical climate here is ideal for an incredible variety of animal and bug species. But, it is the not-so-exotic critters that usually give us the most trouble. Here are five pests that make horrible guests.

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12 / 20 / 16
mynah bird

Are Mynah Bird Dangerous?

As a pest control company that specializes in bird control, we get this question a lot. There is a short answer and a long answer. We've provided both below.

Tags: how to get rid of mynah birds  |  mynah birds Hawaii  |  mynah birds cause damage and danger

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10 / 28 / 16
cockroach in maui restaurant

Maui Businesses Face Pest Pressures

As a restaurant owner in Maui, you know it's important to keep an eye on profitability. Nothing can lead to profit loss quicker than a fly in a customer's soup, a cockroach running across the floor, or an ant crawling across you counters. What if the t-shirts you were selling had chew marks on them or if you moved an item only to find animal droppings behind it? Is there anything that could kill your business quicker than a customer finding evidence of an infestation? If you are a business owner here in Maui, you are probably well aware that managing pests is a full-time, year-round business all in itself.

Tags: commercial pest control in maui  |  pests can damage your business and reputation

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10 / 21 / 16
ground termites

Avoid Termite Damage To Your Commercial Facility

Termites are a silent destroyer that causes over 5 billion dollars worth of damages to properties all across the U.S. You read right, 5 billion dollars! Many people associate termites with causing problems for homeowners, but business owners in Maui have to protect their commercial properties from these wood-feeding insects as well. If your business is not protected from termites, the cost of repair can be staggering to the bottom line.

Tags: commercial pest control in maui  |  termite control and prevention

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