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09 / 16 / 16
mongoose on a rock in hawaii

Mongoose Damage and How to Avoid it

The mongoose is an invasive species in Hawaii, and if it gets into your home or business, you are looking at a hefty repair and cleanup bill. Residents are prohibited from keeping, breeding, and bringing the mammal to the state. If you spot one, you must call the authorities right away, but if you spot it in your home, the damage is already done. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help you avoid devastating mongoose damage to your home.

Tags: pest prevention tips  |  home and commercial pest control in hi  |  mongoose control

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08 / 24 / 16
illustration of coffee borer beetle

Treatment Center for Coffee Berry Borer in Hawaii

Coffee prices here on the Hawaiian Islands have bounced around a lot since 2010. The culprit at the core of this issue is the coffee berry borer beetle. The coffee berry borer beetle has been causing issues for coffee farms here in Hawaii since 2010. Unfortunately, these beetles are now found worldwide and are a small and destructive pest that can quickly ruin a large amount of coffee in a short amount of time.

Tags: coffee berry borer  |  coffee pests  |  hawaii fumigation services

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08 / 15 / 16
restaurant opening in hawaii

The Best In Commerical Pest Control

There are many different types of businesses in Hawaii from small Mom and Pop shops to large food processing facilities; you name it and Hawaii has it all. While every business is unique and different there is one thing that each business strives for and that is a good reputation within the community. One of the best things that you can do to maintain your business’s reputation is to make sure that you have a quality, professional pest control program in place to ensure that you have all of the pests that Hawaii can throw at you under control.

Tags: Integrated Pest Management  |  commercial pest control in hi  |  why choose sandwich isle pest solutions

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07 / 26 / 16
carpenter ant up close

Carpenter Ants In Maui

We all know that termites are a significant threat to homes and businesses in Hawaii. They can completely total a home and make it unsafe to live in. But do you know that carpenter ants can do the same kind of damage?

Tags: ant control on maui  |  home and commercial pest control in maui  |  signs of carpenter ants

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