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03 / 14 / 16
pest control technician

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Now Includes The He-Man Pest Management Team

I have great news for those of us here in Hawaii that are fighting the never ending pest battle. That same great pest control service that you have heard about here in Hawaii just got even better! Well, even larger at least! Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has just announced the acquisition of He-Man Pest Management of Kihei and Lahaina, Maui!

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11 / 19 / 15
sandwich isle pest control logo

What Is Professional Pest Control?

If you were to look up the definition of "professional" you would find that its only qualifying trait is that one must engage in a specified activity as one's main occupation, rather than as a pastime or hobby. If this is the case, there are a lot of professional pest control companies in Hawaii. But, at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we strive to be something more than this. We believe that it isn't enough to just transcend doing pest control as a pastime. We believe that our customers deserve to have the most effective and complete pest control for their homes, businesses, and municipalities. But, keeping pests at bay is no easy task. It requires dedicated study and continual communication with the community of professionals across the country who also dedicate themselves to this profession and this science.

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08 / 26 / 15
Veteran Saluting The American Flag

Sandwich Isle is Committed to our Veterans

Sandwich Isle remains committed to our veterans and their families and strives to employ them. Three out of five of the latest hires have been either former military or are active guard members.

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06 / 17 / 15
image of a person bit by midges

Revenge of the midges, irony at its best!

Being an entomologist means that bugs really are your way of life. You have the inside scoop on bugs and insects that not many others have. You understand their ways. Being an entomologist and owning a pest control company only intensifies this aspect of your life. When you meet people and hang out with your friends and family often the conversation goes to pests.

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