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09 / 19 / 17
feral pig grazing

Common Damages Feral Pigs Cause

Living in Hawaii is something many people dream of doing. Hawaiian residents get to enjoy the brilliant blues of the ocean, white sand beaches, and stunning tropical flowers on a daily basis. For many that live here the picturesque landscape of mountain and ocean, the many recreational activities available to us, and the lively culture that surrounds us are all considered perks. Overall, there is nothing quite like living the island life.

Tags: hawaii feral pigs  |  feral pigs in hawaii  |  damages and dangers from feral pigs

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03 / 29 / 17
feral cat in hawaii

What Does Feral Mean?

Merriam –Webster’s online dictionary defines feral as not domesticated. So how is that different than wild?

Tags: wildlife control and removal in hi  |  dangers and damages caused by feral animals in hi

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12 / 14 / 16
feral pig

Wildlife Can Pose Serious Problems On Oahu

Oahu residents are no strangers to wildlife problems. How can they be with feral cats, chickens and pigs hanging around. The thing about these wild animals is that they are more than a nuisance, they are very destructive and can be dangerous.

Tags: feral cats  |  feral chickens in hi  |  feral pigs in hawaii  |  wildlife removal

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10 / 25 / 16
feral pig in water

Feral Pigs Causing Commercial Property Damage

What is fast, aggressive, weighs hundreds of pounds, has no natural predators, and is causing costly damages for Hawaiian businesses? The answer, of course, is the feral pig! Feral pigs are running loose and causing a lot of damage to commercial properties in Hawaii. The feral pig removal experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions want to educate you about the damages feral pigs cause to commercial properties and how we carefully and completely remove them from your property.

Tags: Wildlife Trapping Solutions  |  damages and dangers from feral pigs  |  feral pig control and removal in hi

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