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06 / 27 / 16
german cockroach

Cockroaches in Maui

We don't have to tell you that Maui is home to many roaches. There are over 19 different species of cockroaches here. That is saying something, considering that cockroaches aren't indigenous to Hawaii. Fortunately, and we say that tongue in cheek, there are only 3 species that are considered pest roaches.

Tags: cockroaches  |  home pest control in maui  |  cockroaches damage your home and cause illness

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06 / 21 / 16
feral chicken in hawaii

Why Do I Have Feral Chickens On My Property?

Feral chickens have become a real problem in Hawaii; so why are those chickens on your property and what can you do about them? Read on to find out.

Tags: feral chickens in hi  |  wildlife removal  |  damages and dangers from feral chickens

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06 / 13 / 16
centipede in shadows

Are Centipedes Dangerous?

If you have been in Hawaii for any length of time then you have, no doubt, run into a centipede. These leggy creatures can be found pretty much everywhere in Hawaii, but they do prefer moist, damp, dark areas. When outside they are typically found hiding under leaves, brush, rocks, and other dark, damp places. They will venture inside homes and businesses whenever an opportunity to do so arises.

Tags: centipedes  |  year round pest control  |  home and commercial pest control in hi

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06 / 08 / 16
pct top 100

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Pushes Higher In The Top 100

While the goal of our blog is to provide helpful pest control information to home and business owners throughout the state of Hawaii, we're going to take a little bit of a detour today and direct this article toward all the hard working, professional folks who work here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. You are what make this company a great place to work and a vital resource for those who live, work, run a business, and raise a family in our state. We couldn't be more proud of all you have accomplished.

Tags: sandwich isle wins award  |  pct magazine's top 100 list  |  home and commercial pest control in hi

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