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05 / 23 / 16
barn owl in hawaii

Injured Barn Owl Nursed back to Health

Going above and beyond is at the forefront of our day here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. What began as an ordinary day, turned into an extraordinary rescue for our wildlife removal team. While scouting for feral pigs, our team came across an injured barn owl. It seemed as though the owl had flown into a tree and fallen to the ground with one of its wings injured. Now, some people would have thought nothing of this injured owl, but our team took action. The injured owl was brought to our President’s, Michael Botha, for attention, and the owl was immediately taken into his care for recovery.

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03 / 28 / 16
meet solo and simba

Double The Fun With Simba And Solo, Our Dogs Of The Month!

March Madness here at Sandwich Isle Pest means that we get to sponsor, not just one, but two handsome dogs for our Dog of the Month program.

Tags: dog of the month  |  sandwich isle pest solutions gives back  |  pest and wildlife control in hi

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03 / 14 / 16
pest control technician

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions Now Includes The He-Man Pest Management Team

I have great news for those of us here in Hawaii that are fighting the never ending pest battle. That same great pest control service that you have heard about here in Hawaii just got even better! Well, even larger at least! Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has just announced the acquisition of He-Man Pest Management of Kihei and Lahaina, Maui!

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