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11 / 17 / 15
meet farmer

Dog of the Month-“Farmer”

Here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we are the proud sponsor of the Dog of The Month program. Each month we choose a deserving furry friend to highlight in the hopes of finding this faithful friend a forever home. The past few months, our chosen canines have been adopted before we could even write about them! It just goes to show that when you bring to light a particular worthwhile need, people respond. This month’s feature dog, I am happy to report, has also found his forever home already! Just like the past few months, we still want to give this little guy his ‘15 minutes of fame’!

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11 / 10 / 15
scientist researching the beginnings of the plague

Scientists Find The Plague Earlier Than Thought

We all know about the Black Death or, as some call it, the Great Plague. We may not all know the exact time frame it occurred, or that it resulted in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Europe--but we are aware that is was bad. Really bad! But, do you know that scientists didn't believe, until recently, that the plague was around earlier than 2,000 years ago? Did you also know that it is still around today? Let's take a quick look at the history of the plague, this new evidence, and what we need to know about the modern-day plague.

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10 / 16 / 15
sandwich isle pest solutions dog of month

Ewa, October’s Super-Fast Successful Dog of the Month

Another month and another Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions dog of the month success story! Our classy little lady Ewa was adopted within several hours of being placed on Facebook. Whoot! Whoot!

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09 / 14 / 15
chester gets adopted

Dog of the Month – Chester

We are so excited about our dog of the month program and the success we have had with it. This is the second month in a row that our dog of the month was adopted before we could put him on our site. Almost as soon as he appeared at the OSPCA weekly adoption event at Petco Kapolei, a wise, caring family snatched him up and took him home. They obviously knew a great friend when they saw him, and like always because he was one of our sponsored pets, we picked up the cost of his adoption – sending him on his way to his new home with a bag full of doggie goodies! Just like last month, we felt that Chester was worthy of his own blog anyway.

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