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09 / 14 / 15
chester gets adopted

Dog of the Month – Chester

We are so excited about our dog of the month program and the success we have had with it. This is the second month in a row that our dog of the month was adopted before we could put him on our site. Almost as soon as he appeared at the OSPCA weekly adoption event at Petco Kapolei, a wise, caring family snatched him up and took him home. They obviously knew a great friend when they saw him, and like always because he was one of our sponsored pets, we picked up the cost of his adoption – sending him on his way to his new home with a bag full of doggie goodies! Just like last month, we felt that Chester was worthy of his own blog anyway.

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08 / 05 / 15

Sandwich Isle Pest Helps Solarimpulse

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions was recently asked to contribute in a big way to the success of the historic flight of Solarimpulse. Birds nesting in or around the plane or even birds defecating on the plane’s extremely sensitive surfaces could potentially lead to disaster for this flight. The engineering team for Solarimpulse contacted us to design and fabricate a bird proof net enclosure that would exclude the birds from the aircraft while still allowing maintenance personnel to access it!

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07 / 31 / 15

Invasive Pests On The Move In Hawaii

Michael Botha, Associate Certified Entomologist and President of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions spoke with Steve Uyehara of Hawaii News Now, about the many invasive species that are becoming more and more of a threat throughout the Islands. There is a ton of information in this short clip, but here are some of the highlights to help you protect yourself from these pests.

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07 / 14 / 15

Romeo, is he the love for you?

Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo…. If you are looking for the ‘love’ of your life in your pet consider this adorable dog Romeo. The only background we have on this sweet ‘best friend’ is that he was found on the North Shore, and was taken to the shelter by a Good Samaritan. Romeo has such kind eyes and is a sweet pup. He is a bit lanky and in need of love and attentio

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