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07 / 03 / 15
Beach In Hawaii

Invasive Species In Hawaii

Have you ever had to declare anything? If you've traveled from the U.S. to another country, you have had to deal with this protective procedure upon returning. The concept of declaration is simple: You must tell the customs officer about anything you're carrying back that you did not have when you left the United States. Often, this declaration of goods is used to extract an import tax for items being brought back into the country. But a declaration also helps government agencies protect the U.S. from invasive species. This is especially important here in Hawaii, where the ecology of the Pacific Islands is contained.

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07 / 01 / 15

Sandwich Isle Honors Our Country & Community Aboard the USS Missouri

Community is important to us here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We know that a good strong community supports us, and that the strength of our communities ultimately support our country. On June 29th, 2015 our sales manager, Cody Thiel, and our Assistant Sales Manager, Danny Boyd, proudly worked alongside a local Eagle Scout Troop aboard the USS Missouri. They cleaned and re-painted the mooring chains attached to this great floating museum.

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06 / 22 / 15
Gertrude from OSPCA

Gertrude: One Brave Dog

Not every dog comes to the OSPCA with a simple story. Gertrude is a prime example of a dog with a difficult story to tell. She is only three years old and has already been bread several times in her life. From her health assessment at OSPCA it looks like someone started breeding her when she was only 6 months old. Unfortunately that is not the worst part of her story. When they did x-rays to check her health, they found out that she had been shot by a shot gun while running away. The pellets are now imbedded in her skin. Luckily they are not in any life threatening places.

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06 / 17 / 15
image of a person bit by midges

Revenge of the midges, irony at its best!

Being an entomologist means that bugs really are your way of life. You have the inside scoop on bugs and insects that not many others have. You understand their ways. Being an entomologist and owning a pest control company only intensifies this aspect of your life. When you meet people and hang out with your friends and family often the conversation goes to pests.

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