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03 / 28 / 16
meet solo and simba

Double The Fun With Simba And Solo, Our Dogs Of The Month!

March Madness here at Sandwich Isle Pest means that we get to sponsor, not just one, but two handsome dogs for our Dog of the Month program.

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02 / 22 / 16
meet serenity the dog of the month

Serenity: Sandwich Isle's Dog Of The Month

Here it is again! That time of the month when we get to introduce our Dog Of The Month! What, you haven’t heard about the Sandwich Isle Pest Solution’s Dog of the Month Program? Well, let me fill you in! Each month we choose a dog that has been surrendered or abandoned and sponsor that dog for adoption. We will showcase our chosen pup here on our website, and then pay for its adoption fees and send him or her home with a ‘welcome home’ basket full of doggy goodies. It is just one of the ways we give back to this community we love so much!

Tags: dog of the month  |  OSPCA  |  sandwich isle pest solutions gives back

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