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07 / 24 / 15
Coffee Beans

Federal Government Releasing $1M To Fight Coffee Berry Borers

The federal government announced in July that it will be releasing $1 million to help coffee farmers in Hawaii and Puerto Rico battle this invasive beetle. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture Chairman Scott Enright says it is not yet known how much of the money will come to Hawaii and how much will go to Puerto Rico. All money will be used for research into ways to control this pest that damages nearly $500 million in coffee crops each year worldwide. To read the article in Hawaii News Now, click here.

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06 / 16 / 15
npma logo

Pest Protection You Can Trust

Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has always strived for excellence, professionalism and distinction. Industry-leading pest solutions isn't just a goal, it is a legacy. Owner, Michael Botha is a third-generation pest specialist, whose family owned HILO Fumigations in the Republic of South Africa for over forty years. How does a pest control company grow in excellence, professionalism and distinction? By becoming part of something bigger--something grander than itself. Through hard work, education and a continued focus on achievement, excellence, professionalism and distinction are possible.

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06 / 08 / 15
Bed Bug Picture

Bed Bug Awareness Week

June 7-13 is bed bug awareness week (BBAW). Why make a special week for bed bug awareness? Because this is a very special bug. It doesn't chew through your exterior walls. It doesn't crawl in under your doors. This is a bug that hitches a ride on humans. And the easiest humans to hitch a ride on are humans that are unaware. Thus, the Professional Pest Management Alliance is spearheading a campaign to inform the public. Here is a list of bed bug facts they would like you to know. Feel free to tweet them on social media. Use the hashtag #BBAW so we can all coordinate our efforts.

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05 / 26 / 15

Common Pests On Oahu

Oahu is home to many household and property pests. As it turns out, the warm Hawaiian days aren't just appealing to humans, they create the perfect environment for household pests to thrive. Here are a few pests you can expect to deal with in and around your Oahu home, and some tips on minimizing the threat.

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