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11 / 23 / 15
thanksgiving meal

Keys To A Pest-Free Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year that we begin to reminisce about all the things for which we are thankful.  Even though we appreciate our good job, nice home, dependable car, family, and friends throughout the year, the Thanksgiving Holiday makes us even more thankful for our blessings.

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11 / 18 / 15
centipede crawling in the sand

Centipedes in Hawaii

The probability of encountering centipedes in or around your Hawaii home is extremely high since they are very common here. This critter, which can have up to 177 pairs of legs, is part of the Scolopendra family, of which three types can be found in our beautiful Hawaiian paradise. They have an elongated, flattened exoskeleton body and a head with distinctive antennae. The body is segmented, as are the antennae, which are used for smelling as well as feeling. Since the centipede's eyesight is extremely poor, the antennae are very important in their search for food.

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10 / 31 / 15
centipede in hawaii

Centipedes. How scary are they?

Centipedes in Hawaii can be scary. Really scary! And the probability of encountering them in or around your Hawaii home is high. Really high. They can be long, up to a foot in length, and can have up to 177 legs. They are fast, and their sting can hurt! If you ever have the displeasure of being bitten by one of these creepy critters, you can expect to experience the pain of a bee sting. They won't let go until you beat them senseless--then the pain, which begins with a slow burning in a small spot then grows larger until it encompasses an area about two inches in diameter. Depending on where you were bitten, the pain can be excruciating. In places where there are more nerve endings, like fingers or toes, the pain will be worse.

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10 / 12 / 15
pigeons sitting on a concrete wall

The Pest Birds Of Hawaii

There are many pest birds that now call Hawaii home. Though they are not native to the Islands, they didn't take any time making themselves comfortable. Some have even managed to make themselves seem as though they belong in this island paradise or that they somehow add to its exotic and wild ambiance. But the truth is, a pest bird is a pest. All it takes is one feral chicken making noise at all hours of the night to realize that these birds are pests, or two dozen pigeons roosting on your roof and leaving their feces everywhere, to understand that pest birds are a pain in the neck.

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