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Vikane And Fumigation




Sometimes the only answer for a bed bug or termite problem is fumigation. If you’re like many people, you worry that fumigation is dangerous for your health, the health of your family and pets and even bad for the environment. But fumigation, when used correctly and responsibly by knowledgeable professionals, is perfectly safe. Vikane® gas fumigant is the choice product for most fumigations and it is backed by over 50 years of fumigation expertise, science and the professional fumigators that use it!


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Beware Of Pests While Decorating For Christmas




Since the day after Thanksgiving, Hawaiians have been preparing for Christmas. We’ve seen holiday displays in store windows, Christmas trees decorated outside and beautiful light displays on some of the businesses in Honolulu. At Sandwich Isle, we know this is an exciting time of year and with Honolulu City Lights just a few days away, we’re all ready to catch the Christmas spirit! But even though it’s almost Christmas, we would be remiss of our duties as pest control professionals to not remind you about the pest concerns that can be related to Christmas decorating.


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Think You're Seeing Termites Around The Home?




Do you know the signs of termites? If you think you’ve been seeing them around your home, you’re not alone. We get a lot of calls from people concerned they have termite activity either inside their homes or in outbuildings on their property.  The ground termite and the drywood termite are both problem pests in Hawaii, which is why the professional Honolulu exterminators at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions offer effective termite control solutions for your home. But before you call in the professionals for termite treatments in Hawaii, here are some signs that termites have infested your property:


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Get Rid Of Ground Termites With The Sentricon® System




To learn more about ground termite control in Honolulu and surrounding areas in Hawaii, please contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today! 


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