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08 / 12 / 16
ground termites

What do Termites Look Like?

This is a fair question. After all, most of us have never really seen a termite up close and personal. Sure, we may have seen the caste of termite known as the ‘reproductives’ as they swarm and fly around especially after a nice, warm rain shower; but termites differ in appearance depending on their job within the colony and the type of termite. Most termites remain well hidden underground or deep inside wood and are only ever discovered when you dig into a major renovation project or when you are forced to notice them due to the massive amount of damage to your home. These elusive and somewhat mysterious creatures cost property owners in the U.S. billions of dollars annually in repair and replacement costs, most of which is not even covered by homeowner insurance policies and that fact alone makes it pretty important for you to know exactly what you are looking for when it comes to termites.

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08 / 05 / 16
termites up close

Hawaii Has Lots Of Termites & Lots Of Options

There are lots of termites in Hawaii. The temperate climate of our state is ideal for all termite species to thrive, including the most destructive species; which means that there are a lot of ways termites can attack your property. And that, my friends and neighbors, is why you need options. Lots of options and Sandwich Isles Pest Solutions has got the best of the best termite treatment options!

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07 / 21 / 16
termites in the ground

Do Termites Bite?

If you know anything about termites, you may have cause for concern. Termite colonies can have thousands of insects living in them--thousands of insects that have mouthparts that chew through solid wood. That is some scary stuff. It may be enough to give you nightmares. But, we have good news for you. Termites are no threat to you personally. Here are some reasons why.

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07 / 07 / 16
subterranean termites

Termite Treatment Options

Hawaii is a tropical paradise that draws people in from all over the world. Do you know who else likes it here in the Aloha State? That's right. Termites! We have lots of them. So it only makes sense to have lots of options to protect ourselves from them.

Tags: termites in hawaii  |  termite control  |  termite treatments in Hawaii

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