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02 / 19 / 16
child with mosquito bite

What's Biting Me?

There are a lot of bugs in Hawaii that can bite or sting you. Many of them won't leave you wondering. You'll know it as soon as it happens; but sometimes, it can be mysterious. You wake up in the morning and you find yourself scratching at a red welt on your leg wondering what bit you. Here are the five most common biters that will leave you curious as to what bit you.

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11 / 25 / 15
fly found in a hawaii home

Hawaii: The Good And The Not So Good

In Hawaii, our strong points can sometimes be our weaknesses. Though it is a sweet deal to have beautiful temperatures all year round, those temperatures make it possible for flies to plague us without ceasing. While we continue to battle them in our kitchens and on our patios, folks in the Northern states get to have a reprieve. It is almost as if all those flies fly south for the winter. But, those Northerners get to scrape ice off their windshields, shovel a foot or more of heavy snow off their driveway, and heat their cars up to a temperature that doesn't make their nose hairs turn into icicles before they can head off to work for the day. Maybe flies aren't such a bad trade-off.

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11 / 18 / 15
centipede crawling in the sand

Centipedes in Hawaii

The probability of encountering centipedes in or around your Hawaii home is extremely high since they are very common here. This critter, which can have up to 177 pairs of legs, is part of the Scolopendra family, of which three types can be found in our beautiful Hawaiian paradise. They have an elongated, flattened exoskeleton body and a head with distinctive antennae. The body is segmented, as are the antennae, which are used for smelling as well as feeling. Since the centipede's eyesight is extremely poor, the antennae are very important in their search for food.

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11 / 16 / 15
ground beetle crawling in sand

Why Do I Have Beetles In My House?

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, we seek to empower our customers with the knowledge they need to protect themselves from all of the many pests that can invade their Hawaii homes. An important resource we use to do this is our blog. As questions come up or as new pest threats arise in our state, we use national data and research to offer an assessment of the topic and practical advice on how to address the problem posed, but this question is a tough one. Even for us. Not because beetles are especially difficult to eradicate, but because there are so many different kinds of beetles. Do you know that there are over 5 million species of beetles in the world? That's a lot of variety! And did you know that 25% of all life forms on our planet are beetles? So, we're sorry to say, there is no easy answer to this question. We really need to know what beetle we're talking about.

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