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09 / 19 / 17
feral pig grazing

Common Damages Feral Pigs Cause

Living in Hawaii is something many people dream of doing. Hawaiian residents get to enjoy the brilliant blues of the ocean, white sand beaches, and stunning tropical flowers on a daily basis. For many that live here the picturesque landscape of mountain and ocean, the many recreational activities available to us, and the lively culture that surrounds us are all considered perks. Overall, there is nothing quite like living the island life.

Tags: hawaii feral pigs  |  feral pigs in hawaii  |  damages and dangers from feral pigs

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07 / 18 / 17
feral pig in water

Feral Animals Explained

The state of being "feral" is often confused with the wildlife that are born and raised in the wild and that follow the natural order designed for them, but the term “feral” in Hawaii refers to any animal that does not live with humans that was previously domesticated. Somehow, they left their domesticated life and became stray, living off the land and meeting their needs in the wild. Feral animals can be unusually aggressive and disruptive.

Tags: wildlife removal  |  dangers and damages caused by feral animals in hi  |  feral animals in hawaii

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06 / 21 / 17
mongoose in hawaii

The Problem with Mongooses

For more than a century, Hawaii has had a big problem on its hands. Actually, it is a little invader with a fierce reputation. What is causing so much turmoil in Hawaii? It’s the mongoose, and the problem with these creatures is growing by the year.

Tags: mongoose  |  wildlife control and removal in hi  |  dangers and damages caused by mongoose

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03 / 29 / 17
feral cat in hawaii

What Does Feral Mean?

Merriam –Webster’s online dictionary defines feral as not domesticated. So how is that different than wild?

Tags: wildlife control and removal in hi  |  dangers and damages caused by feral animals in hi

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