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12 / 23 / 16
feral cat roaming in alley

Avoid Feral Cats In Hawaii

You have mailed every Christmas card, shopped until you dropped, and sent in your annual donations to your favorite charities. All in all, you have every reason to feel very good about what you have accomplished this Christmas. Most of us love the giving part of this season more than we love any other time of the year. People will tend to volunteer more in their communities in food pantries or shelters, as well as collecting baskets of holiday food or gifts for children who might not get one otherwise. Because it is the holiday season, we tend to focus our energies more on helping the less fortunate. Christmas truly is a magical time of the year.

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12 / 15 / 16
Feral Chicken

Oahu's Feral Chicken Problem

Trouble in paradise? Indeed. And it comes in the form of a chicken.


Tags: feral chickens in hi  |  Wildlife Trapping Solutions

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12 / 14 / 16
feral pig

Wildlife Can Pose Serious Problems On Oahu

Oahu residents are no strangers to wildlife problems. How can they be with feral cats, chickens and pigs hanging around. The thing about these wild animals is that they are more than a nuisance, they are very destructive and can be dangerous.

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11 / 25 / 16
feral pig

The Dangers Of Wildlife Removal

Here in Hawaii, there are a lot of animals that can invade our property. While homeowners in the rest of the country have a squirrel or occasional gopher to deal with, we have some scary animals that come into our yards, like feral pigs and feral cats. But we're going to focus on the animals that get into our houses, and explore a few reasons it can be dangerous to attempt to remove them on your own.

Tags: wildlife control and removal in hi  |  damages and dangers of wildlife removal

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