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02 / 08 / 16
feral cat found near hawaii home

Hidden Dangers Of Feral Cats

It is easy to miss the threat feral cats can pose. Sometimes we are victims without even realizing it.

Tags: feral cat removal  |  feral cat spread diseases  |  feral cats are a threat to pets and family

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12 / 24 / 15
feral chicken

The Chickens Are Coming

The chickens are coming!  The chickens are coming!  This seems to be the cry that is being sounded throughout the Island of Kauai and other parts of Hawaii.  Feral chickens have become a serious problem that is currently increasing at alarming rates.  These wild chickens are not just crossing the road; they are invading parking lots, congregating in forests, and even coming out onto the beaches.  To make matters worse, they are finding ample food supply by eating from garbage cans and pet food dishes that are in the yard; and some tourists visiting our area are even feeding them scraps!

Tags: chicken control  |  feral chickens in hi  |  how to get rid of chickens in hawaii

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12 / 04 / 15
feral cat

What Is A Feral Cat?

Let's start by defining what a feral cat is. The word feral means: in a wild state, especially after escape from captivity or domestication. A feral animal isn't an animal that was birthed in the wild. It is a creature that was once in the care of humans. This could be anything from a beloved pet to a farm animal like a rooster or pig.

Tags: feral cats  |  feral cat removal

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09 / 26 / 15
feral cats in hawaii

Feral Feline Infestation Takes Hold

There has been a recent rise in the population of feral cats in Hawaii. There are several different factors that contribute to this rise in population including the fact that people have been discarding unwanted, unfixed cats into the wild as a means to get rid of them. This, in fact, only makes the situation worse! When cats reproduce they have a litter of 5 to 10 kittens and when these kittens are born outside without human contact, they, too, become feral. Also, some people try to ‘help’ by feeding these feral cats – which only helps them to be healthier and stronger, which, again, makes the situation worse instead of better!

Tags: Hawaii pest control  |  feral cats  |  feral cat removal

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