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09 / 22 / 15
feral chicken in hawaii

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Ocean?

Sounds like the makings of a good joke that probably ends with, "He needed something to cock-a-doodle doo." It might even be followed up with, "Why did the turkey cross the ocean?" "To prove it wasn't chicken!" But--turkeys have nothing to do with this article. So, before we find ourselves following a rabbit trail--and subsequently realizing that this article has nothing to do with rabbits either--let's get back to those chickens. The real reason the chicken crossed the ocean is because we brought it over. Before that, there were no chickens in Hawaii. There is some speculation, however, as to when these birds first set foot on the Islands, and even greater speculation surrounding a certain farm and certain hurricane named Iniki, that presumably caused the mass release of domesticated chickens into the wild. It doesn't really matter how it all started. That fact is, it did, and now we're left to figure this chicken mess out--quite literally.

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09 / 11 / 15
mongoose an invasive species of hawaii

Invasive Species Of Hawaii

Once upon a time there were rats in Hawaii, and someone made the suggestion, "Let's get a whole bunch of mongooses to kill off all those rats." And yes, mongooses are the proper plural of mongoose. Not ‘mongeese’. Anyway, some sugar cane farmers on the Big Island bought about 72 mongooses from a group of Jamaicans and released them into the wild to hunt down those rats to keep them from getting into the sugar cane. But, though the mongooses did manage to kill a few rats, it was not nearly enough to stop the rat problem. In their grand plan, the farmers had missed one important detail: Rats are mostly nocturnal creatures, and mongooses hunt during the day. This left these newly-introduced creatures to find other ways to get their bellies filled.

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07 / 31 / 15

Invasive Pests On The Move In Hawaii

Michael Botha, Associate Certified Entomologist and President of Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions spoke with Steve Uyehara of Hawaii News Now, about the many invasive species that are becoming more and more of a threat throughout the Islands. There is a ton of information in this short clip, but here are some of the highlights to help you protect yourself from these pests.

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07 / 29 / 15
Feral Chicken

Leading The Fight Against Chickens

When you think of invasive pests, chickens are probably not the first animal that comes to mind. But in Hawaii, it is a growing concern. It isn't merely the unwelcome sound of a wild rooster at four in the morning, or the incessant clucking throughout the day. Residents are worried that these birds are getting more aggressive. "I watched a hungry chicken peck a toddler munching on a cracker at Hideaways Beach," said one resident. This is a problem. There are reports of roosters fighting, a hen rushing a tourist to protect her young, and chickens in school yards. But beyond this growing fear, there are more immediate concerns. Chickens leave their droppings everywhere, carry disease, dig holes, damage vegetation, kill native Hawaiian birds and damage machinery. For these reasons the city council of Honolulu has taken action

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