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07 / 19 / 15

Feral Mongooses are not Natives…

Have you ever made plans with the best of intentions only to find that it has all gone bad? This is what happened in Hawaii after the sugar industry imported mongooses from India in 1883 to help curb the rat population problem especially in the cane fields. It was a great idea – mongooses love to eat small birds and mammals, reptiles and the like. It was the perfect answer to the growing problem of rats – or so they thought.

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07 / 08 / 15
Feral chickens in Hawaii

The Chicken Net Gun

The Chicken Net Gun! Does this sound like something Batman would have on his utility belt? Well this little item is no joke. When it comes to battling feral chickens in Hawaii. This high-tech weapon may be the solution residents have been praying for.

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06 / 01 / 15
Mallard Duck

Duck Troubles On Oahu

Ducks are great, aren't they? Why are you shaking your head? Have you had to deal with a duck problem in the past--or worse--are you dealing with one right now? It's okay. We understand. Ducks can be a real pain in the butt, especially if that is where they bite you. But, not all ducks are created equal. There is one pest duck that stands out from the others. Let's take a look at this troublemaker and see if we can find a solution.

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05 / 01 / 15
Feral Chicken In Hawaii

Feral Chickens in Hawaii

Are you noticing more and more chickens running around Oahu and parts of Big Island? It’s not just your imagination the feral chicken population in Hawaii is on the rise and has been. These wild chickens are truly free range. They can be found just about anywhere from parking lots to beaches, parks to forests. They are being fed by tourists, eating garbage and sometimes pet food. It is hard to truly conclude where these feral chickens came from. Some believe they are just domesticated chickens that escaped while others believe they are descendants of the red jungle fowl brought to the island 800 years ago.

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