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3 Mosquito Control Musts for Hawaii

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If you plan on spending some quality time outside enjoying our beautiful Hawaii weather, you will want to remember to protect yourself from mosquitoes. It is that time of the year again when the mosquitoes begin to breed and rapidly multiply. A fun afternoon cooking out can turn into a feast for mosquitoes, leaving family and friends with  itchy mosquito bites. In order to avoid such an event, remember to follow these top 3 mosquito control musts from the Hawaii pest control experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

1. Eliminate mosquito breeding grounds

The first tip is to focus on eliminating their breeding grounds from your property. This includes redirecting any water from landing near your home. Whether it’s stagnant water or just generally moist grounds, mosquitoes will be able to quickly multiply. Mosquitoes breed rapidly and with thousands being born each day, any water around your home and property is subject to these critters. So try to remove any standing water, whether it is in plant pots, ditches, gutters, garbage cans, or anything that has collected rain water. Also, if you have a pool or pond of standing water right near your home, consider having it relocated or filled-in so that the breeding site is not directly near your living space.

2. Dress appropriately to keep the mosquitoes from biting

You can’t stay in hiding forever, even though it may be tempting in peak mosquito season. The next tip to avoid falling victim to pesky mosquitoes is to wear the appropriate clothing when you are outside, especially where mosquitoes are present. Marshes and wooded areas seem to be the most susceptible to mosquito infestations, so if you find yourself in these areas, you will want to be prepared with long pants and long sleeves to cover as much of your skin as you can. Another option for anyone spending time in the company of mosquitoes is to use a mosquito head net, which will allow you stay in one spot and not run for the hills when the insects begin to swarm.

3. Apply insect repellent when necessary

The last mosquito control tip is to apply insect repellent when it is necessary. If you know you are going to be near mosquitoes, it may save your sanity if you apply a repellent to help block the insects from getting too close to your personal space. But make sure to read the labels and follow the directions. Many repellents do contain chemicals that could be harmful if used improperly.

There you have it. The top 3 tips to control mosquitoes. Not only will you be able to proceed with outside activities, but you will not have to worry as much about the torture that mosquitoes can bring. Because mosquitoes are an important part of the ecological system, we cannot wish them all away. But we can certainly wish them to be in other places that do not coincide with our current location.

For anyone living in Oahu, and Big Island, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions today to help control mosquitoes on your property. With a customized integrated pest management approach, the experts in pest control at Sandwich Isle will be able to identify the source of your mosquito problem and work with you to help control the major annoyance that these pests bring. 

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