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5 Facts You May Not Know About Bed Bugs

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bed bug facts you should know in hawaii

Bed bugs are annoying pests and if you’ve ever had them in your home, you understand just how obnoxious they can be. But, from an entomologist’s point of view, these pests are pretty interesting too! After spending several decades in decline, these pests have returned with a vengeance. Here are some interesting facts that you may not know about blood-sucking bed bugs from the Hawaii pest control pros at Sandwich Isle:

  1. Bed bugs are tough. They can live for several months (possibly longer than a year!) without a blood meal. This means that they can hide in furniture, bags, suitcases and mattresses for a long time until they meet up with a host again. They can also survive weather extremes, unlike many other bugs in Hawaii.

  2. A severe bed bug infestation has a distinct smell. The early Greek term for a bed bug was “coris”, which means “to bite”. From the word “coris” came the word coriander and it is believed that they named this spice after bed bugs, because the pungent smell of this spice resembled the smell of bed bugs.

  3. Bed bug bites on humans often are not felt initially. Unlike a mosquito bite, which can often be felt the moment it happens, bed bugs use their saliva as an anesthetic to promote increased blood flow at the bite area. This allows for the feeding process to be quick and practically painless. Awhile after the bite you may suffer an allergic reaction to the bite (itching, raised bumps) but that doesn’t happen to everyone bitten by bed bugs.

  4. Bed bugs are smarter than you might expect. They seem to know they are unwanted pests and so they seek hiding places during the day and try to remain inconspicuous during the night. They will wait to feed on your blood until they sense you are asleep (through your breathing). They don’t always hide right around the bed either; they’ve been found in many places inside your home, including behind pictures on the wall, inside computer keyboards, in closets, in curtains and behind electrical outlets.

  5. Bed bugs have a hard time feeding on hairy humans. Scientists at the University of Sheffield found that especially hairy victims could actually feel the bed bugs before they had a chance to bite and that bed bugs had a harder time finding a place on which to feed when there was a lot of hair in the way.

If you have bed bugs, Hawaii natives know the best thing to do is contact the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our professionals can offer effective bed bug treatment services to eliminate these pests. Because we know that heat is the best way to combat these pests, we offer an effective and eco-friendly bed bug heat treatment to eliminate all life stages of bed bugs; contact us today for more information on our bed bug control services in Honolulu and throughout our Hawaii service area.

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