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Ants In Hawaii

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Learn More About Ants In Hawaii

If you have ever seen a line of ants marching along the pavement, in the dirt, or possibly even in your home, you may wonder what type of ant it is. There are actually many different species of ants in Hawaii, and while some are simply a nuisance pest, there are types of ants that pose more of a threat to property and others that are known to sting or bite.  Because ants are a social insect, they form colonies that could contain tens of thousands of ants. As you can guess, this is why they can be such a problem in homes and very difficult to eradicate. Read on to discover the ants most commonly found in Honolulu, Maui and around the Hawaiian Islands.

The pharaoh ant is one of the commonly found ants in Hawaii and it is notorious for being a major indoor nuisance pests. Pharaoh ants are very small, about 2 mm and are a yellow or light brown color, almost translucent. These ants typically form their colonies in wall voids, behind baseboards, behind refrigerators, and under floors among many other places. These guys have colonies that could contain hundreds of thousands of ants. When one colony gets too big, a queen and a few works will go find a new place to start a colony. The pharaoh ants feed on things found in your kitchen such as peanut butter, jelly, honey, baked goods, soft drinks and other dead insects. Their eating habits make your kitchen a likely target for ant activity.

Pavement ants are another commonly found on Big Island and neighboring islands. As their name suggests, they tend to form their colonies in the pavement. They are a dark brown, blackish color and a little larger at about 2.5 to 4 mm. Just as with most ant colonies, the worker ants are the ones who go out and search for food to bring back to the colony. These guys will eat just about anything including insects, bread, meat, and nuts. Because they are so small, although they may not have a colony in your home, it is very easy for them to slip in through small cracks and find any food debris you may have laying around.

Carpenter ants are the ones to really watch out for in your home. These ants are more destructive than the others because they hollow out wood and create what are called galleries in order to move about. Although they do not eat wood like termites do, they still are capable of destruction as they may be carving galleries in your home’s wood structures. They tend to seek moist and decaying wood which also leaves your property at risk with things such as trees, branches, and firewood. The tunnels created are smooth and there is likely sawdust as a result which is a good indicator of a carpenter ant infestation.  

Ant infestations are considered a major nuisance pest because of their colony sizes and ability to spread and multiple so quickly. If you have identified any type of ant in your home, you want to be sure to contact your professional pest control company. Store bought sprays are not going to be able to eliminate the tens of thousands of ants that are living in or near your home. The ants that you are seeing around your house are just a tiny sample of what lives in the colonies.

So for anyone living on Big Island, Oahu, Maui or other neighboring islands, contact Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions to get rid of the ants from your home and property. To learn more about the services to protect your home from ants and other pests, visit our residential pest control page. You do not want to be hosting a site for thousands of little critters in your home as it will be a major headache to deal with.

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