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Are House Centipede Bites Dangerous?

In: Home Pest Control

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centipede crawling near hawaii home

All across the United States, homes are invaded by a creature called the house centipede. But finding a house centipede in other states is quite different than finding one here in Hawaii. If you are unlucky enough to come face to face with the wrong type of centipede in your Hawaii home, you may find yourself in a bad situation. There are three primary centipede species here in Hawaii that will enter homes. They go by names like lethobius, mecistocephalus, and scolopendra. But it is the scolopendra that you need to worry about. This centipede species can cause an extremely painful bite that some describe as the most pain they have ever felt. In today's article, we're going to explore how dangerous a bite from one of these centipedes actually can be.

If you define dangerous as something that can kill you, then the centipede scolopendra subspinipes is about as dangerous as a bee or a wasp. There are some who are allergic to the venom of a centipede, just like there are some who are allergic to the venom of bees and wasps. In very rare cases, allergic reactions do lead to death.

If you define dangerous as something that hurts like crazy when it bites you, you might consider a scolopendra subspinipes dangerous. But it is important to understand that not all bites from these creatures come with intense pain. Centipedes grip their prey and administer their venom over a short period of time. If they are unable to grip onto you, they will not be able to administer a full dose of venom. So, if you don't step on a centipede, or have an encounter where the centipede is able to get a full grip on your body, these centipedes aren't dangerous at all.

If you define dangerous as something that can cause mental trauma, this centipede may be dangerous. They don't call these "giant centipedes" for nothing. They can grow to over a foot in length. For some people, this can create a significant amount of fear when this creature appears in their home. But for most of us, giant centipedes are just part of living here in Hawaii.

Most bites from a house centipede are not dangerous. If there is intense pain and swelling, it is a good idea to take a quick trip to the hospital to help with the symptoms. Most of the time, you can just treat a wound by cleaning it and applying antibacterial cream.

When it comes to having scary centipedes in the United States, Hawaii wins, hands down. But, for the most part, you have nothing to fear from these creatures--especially if you have ongoing pest control that keeps these and other "truly dangerous" pests from entering your home. If you need help keeping your home and your family safe from invasive pests, the team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions are standing by to help.

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