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Are Mynah Bird Dangerous?

In: Bird Control  |  Commercial Pest Control

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mynah bird

As a pest control company that specializes in bird control, we get this question a lot. There is a short answer and a long answer. We've provided both below.

Short Answer

Yes. Mynah birds can be dangerous, but not in a direct way. They aren't going to attack you. Mynah birds, like other pest birds, present secondary dangers when they are not properly controlled.

Long Answer

Mynah birds, with their bright yellow beaks and contrasting black and yellow faces, may be pretty to look at but, when they get into places they shouldn't be, they can be dangerous.

  • Droppings on walkways present a slipping hazard that can lead to injury for customers and employees alike.

  • Droppings from Mynah birds can contain infectious diseases that are harmful to humans. When these birds get into an attic area or other interior space, their feces are not just a significant mess to clean up, they may expose you or your workers to Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. They are also linked to the spread of a dangerous fungus called Histoplasma capsulatumis, which can lead to a sickness known as Histoplasmosis. This is spread by spores left in soil.

  • Droppings from Mynah birds can lead to illness for livestock. Studies have confirmed that there is a transmissible gastroenteritis virus that is able to pass through the digestive system of Mynah birds and become an infectious disease that is spread when livestock is exposed to the feces of these birds.

  • When Mynah birds eat fruits and vegetables, they can cause financial hardships for crop growers. They are also prone to getting into machinery, which can also lead to a financial strain, even for businesses that don't grow food.

  • Mynah birds are attracted to electrical boxes. This has led municipalities to regard them as a fire hazard.

Most people consider Mynah birds to be a nuisance pest, and in many ways they are. They can make unwanted noises, cost businesses big money in ongoing cleanup efforts, and create unsightly nests on ledges. But they are also dangerous. Don't let mynah birds have free roam on your property. Let the team here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions put in place bird deterrents that will gently direct these birds to roost and perch somewhere else.

For more information about our extensive bird control programs, which include humane trapping, shock tracks, birds spikes, birdwire, netting, solar panel exclusion and more, Give us a call today an find out why businesses in Oahu trust Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for all of their commercial pest control needs. 

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