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Avoid Cockroaches in Your Kitchen Pantry

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cockroach on dirty plate

You're getting ready to get your holiday baking done. You don’t want to mess around having to get rid of roaches too. In Hawaii there are 3 common types of cockroaches; American, German and Surinam.
American cockroaches are reddish brown and have large wings. They are the largest cockroach. They like areas with moisture like heavy vegetation, the stumps of trees, and rock walls. They can be found in crawl spaces in homes as well.
German cockroaches are smaller and are light brown with dark stripes. You will find these roaches in homes or places around food sources. They also like moisture, usually behind refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, baseboards, and cabinets.
Surinam, sometimes called burrowing roaches, have dark brown to black coloring. They are usually a yard pest but can be found in crawl spaces too.
All roaches can transmit germs by carrying them around on parts of their bodies as they are drawn to sewage and rotting food where they pick these pathogens up. They carry these germs into kitchen pantries, in turn, contaminating food sources which could cause diseases like salmonella. Their droppings, secretions, dead skin, and bodies can also cause allergic reactions in some people.
As mentioned before, they are attracted to environments with food, moisture, and warmth which is why they frequent dumps and sewers. These areas are perfect for the breeding and survival of these hearty cockroaches. One female can populate an entire colony. They can travel on their own from place to place or hitch rides on boxes, bags, wood, and clothing.  
These pests are really hard to get rid of. They can live for up to 3 months without food, not to mention that they can live without their heads for a whole month! They get into every crack and crevice of your home; and no matter how clean you keep your home, they will still seek shelter wherever they can satisfy their needs. You might not even see them. They don’t like light, and they scurry around very quickly. The female can produce 300 offspring in 1 year and all cockroaches are highly adaptable to their surroundings.
You will want to make sure you are keeping your home as sanitary as possible which could help prevent an infestation. You could also try DIY pesticides. However, they may not work, and they can be toxic in your environment. An experienced pest control service would be the best and safest solution to a cockroach infestation.
The professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions will solve your pest problems using natural products and methods that are highly effective. We offer residential pest control plans to help you prevent further encroachment of cockroaches.

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