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Avoid Feral Cats In Hawaii

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feral cat roaming in alley

You have mailed every Christmas card, shopped until you dropped, and sent in your annual donations to your favorite charities. All in all, you have every reason to feel very good about what you have accomplished this Christmas. Most of us love the giving part of this season more than we love any other time of the year. People will tend to volunteer more in their communities in food pantries or shelters, as well as collecting baskets of holiday food or gifts for children who might not get one otherwise. Because it is the holiday season, we tend to focus our energies more on helping the less fortunate. Christmas truly is a magical time of the year.
While our energies are spent on this season of giving, you might notice some creatures in need right out your front door. Feral cats have become a problem here in Hawaii. Many of us are sad to see these cats spending their nights under porches and in sheds. It really is tragic to see them looking hungry and uncared for. When we see these cats out and about, especially this time of the year, our first instinct is undoubtedly to set out some food for them and try to coax the skittish animals to come a bit closer so that we can be their friend. It’s a nice theory; but, unfortunately, it is a very bad idea.
Feral cat numbers are on the rise and inviting one to eat on your porch and eventually from your hand will eventually lead to a whole colony of essentially wild cats as word of this food source spreads through their ranks. These are not house cats. These cats likely were born into their colony where they grew up and eventually expanded the colony of feral cats through breeding. These cats have not had the handling or the shots that housecats grew up having. It is essential that people understand that difference. Feral cats can be a danger to you and your family the way that a family cat could never be. They will bite and scratch if they feel threatened, even if you are just trying to help. That can lead to all sorts of health risks to you and your family such as cat scratch fever, salmonella, rabies, and a multitude of other diseases.
Is there a colony of feral cats living near your home? Call Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for help. Do not try to catch these animals on your own! The wildlife control experts at Sandwich Isle know just how to trap or bait these cats that have moved onto your property and can work with you to make sure that they don’t come back.
Keep your family safe from the threat that feral cats pose with help from the experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.

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