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Avoid Norway Rats’ Negative Impact on Business

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norway rat near business

We can all agree that no one wants to see a rat when they visit a business. It doesn't matter the size business, the services they offer, or the friendliness of the staff. If there are rats, people will not go back. Business owners must be on the lookout for Norway rats in Oahu, Honolulu, and parts of the Big Island. Your goal should be to avoid the negative impact Norway rats will have on your business.

What Are Norway Rats?

The Norway rat is a species of rat that live outdoors. These rats occupy fields, farmlands, and woodpiles. Norway rats have brown fur on their bodies that are speckled with black hairs. The underside of a Norway rat is grayish-white.

This tubby little rat measures anywhere from 7.5 inches to 9 inches, from rump to nose. This length does not include the long tail.

Norway rats have learned to be sneaky because they are not great climbers. Norway rats won’t scale buildings and telephone poles to enter a building, they scurry in on the floor. Ground-level floors and basements are great entrance points for Norway rats.

Norway Rats are Bad for Business

You don’t want patrons of your business to see these rats shuffling around near their feet. Of course, they are bad for business. When customers see rats, they assume one thing - your business is unclean.

What happens next is something that is out of your control - social media. Your customers have cell phones, and they are snapping pictures or going online to share their experience with hundreds of their closest friends. Your business will forever be associated with these rats.

If the customers stop showing up, and the health department starts knocking on your door, it could mean the end of business as you know it.

Norway rats contaminate food, damage structures, create fire hazards, spread illness and diseases, are hazardous to your health, and are difficult to get rid of. These pests are certainly something you want to avoid completely.

Preventing and Getting Rid of Norway Rats

You need to take steps to prevent Norway rats and get rid of them for good. To prevent rats from invading your business, try these tips:

  • Install screens on windows and doors

  • Install or repair weather stripping

  • Do not leave doors open

  • Call the professionals

The rodent control specialists for businesses at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions knows where to look, what to look for, and what to do about rat infestations. We look for nesting areas and signs of Norway rats leave behind. Next, we work with you to get rid of the rats and to create a plan to keep rats out of your business for good.

You want your customers to stick around. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can make sure the rats don’t.

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