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Avoid Termite Damage To Your Commercial Facility

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ground termites

Termites are a silent destroyer that causes over 5 billion dollars worth of damages to properties all across the U.S. You read right, 5 billion dollars! Many people associate termites with causing problems for homeowners, but business owners in Maui have to protect their commercial properties from these wood-feeding insects as well. If your business is not protected from termites, the cost of repair can be staggering to the bottom line.

In Maui there are two species of termites that invade properties, the ground termite (subterranean termites) and the drywood termite. They both have a desire for eating wood in common, but they prefer to feed on different types of wood. As their name suggests, ground termites nest and travel through the soil, entering into buildings through cracks in the foundation as they forage for food. They prefer to attack the inside of structural timbers that have been previously damaged by water. Drywood termites differ in the fact that they do not require any soil contact, instead they create nests within and feed on sound wood. They are often found attacking furniture, beams, and other wooden structures found inside commercial properties.

If there is such a thing as good news when talking about termites, it is that Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions has effective solutions to quickly and safely eliminate these tiny destroyers from your commercial business no matter how small or large the property may be.

Ground Termites

To eliminate a ground termite infestation, the pros at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions recommend using the Sentricon® Colony Elimination System with Always Active technology. This system does not require chemical injection around your commercial facility but, instead, uses very safe and environmentally sound bait stations that are placed discreetly around your property. These bait stations work very effectively to kill current termite colonies and remain in place to be monitored by our professionals to prevent future problems with ground termites in your commercial facility.

Drywood Termites

Getting rid of a dry termite infestation within your commercial facility requires tent fumigation. Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions is proud to say that we are the largest provider of tent fumigations in Hawaii. You can be confident that we have the experience, equipment, and trained professionals necessary to complete tent fumigation in your Maui commercial property. Our exclusive FumeGuard Program is a fumigant monitoring and portable intrusion alarm system. It allows us to monitor the status of the fumigation and deters and detects unwanted intruders. By choosing Sandwich Isle to complete tent fumigation, it means that your termite infestation will be eliminated, and your business will be kept safe during the entire process.

For more information about termites and for information on how Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can provide control and prevention services to protect your Maui business from these wood destroying creatures, give us a call today!

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