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Avoiding Bed Bugs While On Summer Vacation

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bed bug after blood meal

Are you planning a last minute summer vacation? Perhaps you're staying in Hawaii, heading out to the mainland, or maybe you're leaving the country for a vacation abroad. In any case, no matter where you are going, you need to know how to avoid bed bugs while you are there, understand what they look like and what to do if you bring these little pests home with you.

Here are some tips to avoid bed bugs while vacationing away from home:

  • Before you go: Well before your vacation starts it would be wise to check reviews for any mention of bed bugs at the place you will be staying. You may want to consider re-booking elsewhere if other people have experienced bed bugs at that same location recently. Pack clothing in large ziplock bags within your baggage to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride home in your clothing.

  • On your way there: If you are using public transportation, check headrests and seats for bed bugs, keep your personal items off the floor and check yourself and your items directly afterward.

  • When you get there: Use a flashlight to examine the room you are staying in. Look under the bed, in bedding and behind clocks and wall hangings. Look in furniture as well. You will be looking for live bed bugs, nymphs, eggs, shed exoskeletons, carcasses, as well as fecal blood stains on bedding and walls. If any of these signs are present, do not bring your luggage into the room, return to the front desk and ask for different accommodations.

  • When you get home: Remove travel clothing, investigate your shoes and luggage for bed bugs. Wash all of the clothing that went with you in hot water and clean off your luggage and shoes before bringing them inside.

Bed bugs are parasites that feed on your blood, usually at night when you sleep. They can leave tiny bite marks that are red and can swell. They only pose a danger if you contract a secondary infection from scratching at the bite marks. Their eggs are very small and hard to see since they are about 1 mm and white. Nymphs are light brown, oval and flat, ranging from the size of a pinhead up to 1/4” in length. Newly hatched bed bugs can be translucent and immature bed bugs are bright red after a blood meal. Adult bed bugs are about 1/4” in length, oval, flat and brown in color.

It is good to know the warning signs but what if you still bring bed bugs into your home? That’s where Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can help! Bed bugs are extremely hard to get rid of. We offer several different bed bug treatment options to suit your particular needs. After a complete investigation of your property, we determine the extent of the infestation. A customized program will be created by our pest control team that meets your all of your needs. We will use conventional treatment options that may involve steaming, vacuuming, mattress encasement, product application and sometimes tent fumigation. We limit chemical product to the least amount possible that can still provide effective results. We follow strict guidelines for our procedures and our products are EPA registered and pose no threat to people, pets or plants.

We want to help you as soon as possible, in most cases, we can respond the same or next day. Give Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions a call today and make your bed bug infestation a distant memory. 

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