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Bed Bug Awareness Week

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June 7-13 is bed bug awareness week (BBAW). Why make a special week for bed bug awareness? Because this is a very special bug. It doesn't chew through your exterior walls. It doesn't crawl in under your doors. This is a bug that hitches a ride on humans. And the easiest humans to hitch a ride on are humans that are unaware. Thus, the Professional Pest Management Alliance is spearheading a campaign to inform the public. Here is a list of bed bug facts they would like you to know. Feel free to tweet them on social media. Use the hashtag #BBAW so we can all coordinate our efforts.

  • Do you know how to inspect for bed bugs? Check the creases, corners and stitching on mattresses and upholstered furniture, for black feces.

  • Looking for bed bugs? Examine pillowcases and sheets for dried brown blood stains.

  • Bed bugs are rust colored and can be the size of a pencil tip.

  • Here's a gross fact, bed bugs can feed on you while you're fully awake. Yup. You can't make this stuff up.

  • Here's another gross bed bug fact: they can live in trains, airplanes, buses, taxi cabs and even movie theaters.

  • Bed bug eggs don't need a mommy to hatch. If bed bugs leave eggs in your luggage, bedding or clothes, you could bring an infestation home.

  • Think you're safe from bed bugs in a 5-star luxury hotel? Think again. These bugs can be found anywhere people sleep or sit.

  • Think you're safe from bed bugs because your home is clean? Think again. These bugs can live in the cleanest homes.

  • Bed bugs can come home with your kids from camp, from a sleepover, and from college. Check routinely to stop these bugs.

  • Bed bug bites appear in a row or cluster because these bugs feed on you multiple times while you sleep.

  • Bed bugs can hide in bedding, bags, clothes, boxes and even electronics.

  • Do you have bed bugs? It can be hard to tell at first. Contract a professional bed bug inspector for help.

  • Heat kills bed bugs. Wash and dry all your clothing and bedding on the hottest temperature when you return from a trip.

There you go. Take part in Bed Bug Awareness Week by sending these bite-sized bed bug facts out for your friends and family to digest. Use the hashtag #BBAW so we can share our knowledge with each other. If we work together, we can increase public awareness of these disturbing bugs. All it takes is a couple clicks. Join the fight!

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