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Bed Bug Awareness Week

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bed bug in hawaii home

Bed Bug Awareness Week is June 4-10, so get the facts and avoid bringing these pests into your home or business. Bed bugs are increasing in number each year around the United States, and they are becoming more widespread here in Hawaii. In honor of Bed Bug Awareness Week, Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions wants to help you dispel the myths and equip you with the truth about bed bugs in order to help you avoid an infestation in your Hawaii property.

Many people believe that bed bugs infest homes that are unsanitary, but that’s just not true. Bed bugs do not discriminate and will travel from area to area regardless of how clean or dirty your home or business is. The only thing on their mind is finding a source to provide them with a fresh meal, which usually consists of human blood! These pests can be found in dirty, unkempt homes and businesses, but they can also be found in five-star hotels, hospitals, and immaculately clean homes.

Typically you can inadvertently pick up these pests in public areas like buses, trains, airplanes, hospitals, and hotels. You can find them in dorms, daycares, schools, and shopping malls. You can even find them in a private home. Anywhere that people frequent is at risk of an infestation; and if you are traveling anywhere outside your home, you have the potential of picking up bed bugs. They will sneak into your luggage or onto your shoes, your clothing, and any other items that you travel with. Purchasing second-hand furniture or clothing is another way bed bugs can sneak into your home and create an infestation.

Bed bugs feed on the blood of humans or any warm-blooded animal. They are not responsible for transmitting any diseases to people; however, their bite can cause annoying, red, itchy welts.

Bed bugs are very small insects that are flat, oval, and reddish brown. Because adults are typically no more than 1/8 inch in length, you will have to look very carefully to find them. Be sure to check around beds and in furniture creases and seams for signs of these pests. You may find the bugs themselves, their shed exoskeletons, or small brown feces stains in these areas. You may also find small, black flecks or tiny red blood stains on bed linens and clothes. Brown streaking from electrical outlets on walls is another sign of an infestation.

If you experience an infestation of these tiny pests, you will find that they are very difficult to get rid of. You will need the services of a professional pest service to find all the areas that these pests are hiding and reproducing in your home or business. If you live in Honolulu, Pearl City, Mililani, on Oahu, or in certain areas of the Big Island, you can rely on Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for quick, complete bed bug eradication.

Our experts will perform a thorough and detailed inspection, customize a program just for you, and treat all areas necessary to eradicate the infestation. We utilize conventional treatments, steam, high-powered vacuums, and mattress encasement. We even offer bed bug monitoring services when needed!

When you give us a call to set up an initial inspection, we can usually respond the same or next day. But don’t wait! Get your bed bugs under control before they get out of hand.

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