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Bed Bug Prevention Tips For The Hospitality Industry

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Hawaii Pest Control Pros Offer Advice On How To Avoid Bed Bugs While On Vacation

The holidays are behind us, but that doesn’t mean that visitors to Hawaii have left for the season. The Christmas season is one of the busiest for Hawaii’s tourism industry, and many visitors to our beautiful state are still here, enjoying the warm weather and sunny days that December in Hawaii can bring. This is great for Hawaii’s economy, but the pest control professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions can tell you that the visitors to Hawaii’s islands also bring bed bugs, and these pests can be really tough for the tourism industry to completely exterminate.

Because bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers, they come to Hawaii in the luggage of many, and when they find a hotel bed to nestle into, they can be stubborn little parasites. Bed bugs are flat oval shaped bugs that come out at night to feed on the blood of humans, and hide inside mattresses, box springs, and even electronic items like alarm clocks during the day. Having bed bugs is not a sign of poor sanitation; these pests can exist in five star hotels as well as one star hotels. Because they hide during the daytime, they can be hard to locate and therefore difficult to treat.

Prevention is the key to keeping these pests from overtaking the hospitality industry, and Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions would like to offer you and your business some bed bug prevention tips to make sure you don’t lose money because of these pesky insects.

  1. Educate hotel staff about bed bugs. Make sure they know how to identify bed bugs and their eggs, and they know where to look for these pests.

  2. Schedule routine bed bug searching days, where hotel staff check out every single room for signs of bed bugs.

  3. Bring in canine bed bug inspectors, like our trusty dogs Scout and Ally. These pups are trained to detect all stages of bed bug life and they can help identify a new bed bug problem or see if a past problem is still present.

Bed bugs can be a real problem for business owners in Hawaii, and that is why bed bug prevention is so important. Bed bugs can be brought into your hotel or business on just one guest, and from there they can feed on the people sleeping in your beds, and will breed very quickly if the conditions are right. For more information on Sandwich Isle’s bed bug control services or our canine bed bug inspection services, contact us today!

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