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Bed Bugs In Hawaii: Tips For Recognition And Prevention

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Learn more about bedbugs in Hawaii

Bed bugs are spreading across the country like wild fire, and Hawaii is no exception. There have been many sitings of these blood sucking parasites in all manner of facilities. Homes, apartment buildings, hotels and other commercial facilities all can have bed bugs at one time or another and it’s not a problem of having unsanitary conditions. These pests don’t care if you have a tiny rent controlled apartment or if you have rented the swankiest room in a 5 star hotel- they can live and go anywhere, and as long as they have a blood meal ready and waiting (meaning a human, lying fast asleep in a bed), these pests can survive.

Do you have bed bugs in your home or business? There are a few signs you should look for to check and see if you have these little blood suckers, and they include:

  • Red or dark brown spots on bed linens, mattresses and box springs

  • Red welts or bumps on skin after waking

  • Shed bed bug skins on bed linens, around bed or near the edges of carpeting

  • Tiny white bed bug eggs near or around the bed

  • Bed bugs hidden in upholstered furniture, behind electrical outlets and picture frames on the wall (because these pests are about the size of an apple seed, they can hide almost anywhere and only come out at night to feed)

If you’ve done any travelling recently and are worried you may have picked bed bugs up on your journeys, there are a few things you can do to make sure that you don’t bring bed bugs home with you:

  • Leave your own personal pillows and blankets at home. No point in risking the safety of your own personal bed items by taking them along with you.

  • When you enter your hotel room, leave your belongings out in the hallway as you check over your room to make sure it is bed bug free. Check the mattress, bed linens, and head board, as well as baseboards and behind picture frames. These tiny pests can hide just about anywhere.

  • Don’t put your suitcase on places where bed bugs are likely to congregate, like the bed or a piece of upholstered furniture. Try to locate a suitcase stand and keep your luggage elevated off the floor if possible.

  • If you locate bed bugs or any of their signs, contact the manager of the lodging facility immediately and request a new room, one that is preferably far away from your current infested room.

  • When you return from your trip, thoroughly inspect your luggage before bringing it into your home. All suspect clothing in the luggage should be washed in the warmest temperature that is safe for that particular material to make sure any bed bugs are killed. You can also have your luggage treated with an appropriately labeled bed bug insecticide.

If you are staying in a hotel in Hawaii, or if you live here and think you may have a bed bug infestation in your home or business, you should never ignore the problem. For more information on bed bugs, or to contact the professionals at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions for a bed bug inspection or more information about our bed bug services, click here.

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