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Bed Bugs In Maui

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bed bug found crawling in bed

Every year millions of tourists from all across the globe pour onto the island of Maui, and why not? After all, the views are spectacular and the service is tremendous. Whether you are eating lunch overlooking the Banyan tree with the ocean as your backdrop in Lahaina, shopping at the Whalers Village in Kaanapali, taking a catamaran out to watch the humpback whales, or just lounging on the crystal sand beaches, Maui is the perfect paradise destination for travelers, and the place we call home.

Many of us make our living from the lucrative tourist industry, in one form or another. The touring masses and the money they spend surely helps our economy to thrive here in Maui, but there is also another, less wanted outcome. Bed bugs! That’s right; bed bugs have found their way here to Maui. It is no wonder why, really. These elusive little creatures are great at hide and seek. In fact, they are terribly difficult to spot as bugs, and nearly impossible to spot when they are in the egg or nymph stages. So these bugs can crawl (or the eggs can stick) onto the pant cuff of any unsuspecting bystander or climb into a purse, luggage, or computer bag that you set down for just a moment at the airport, in a taxi, on the plane, or on the bus and hitchhike to a new home where they can find humans to feed on.

Indeed, bed bugs are not picky little creatures. They don’t care what your income is, how clean your home is, or what nationality you are. These pesky little bugs will invade anytime and anywhere so that they can feed on blood and reproduce.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures that hide out during the day in walls, electrical outlets, electrical equipment, nooks and crannies, and then they come out at night to feed. They get their name because bed bugs are typically first noticed in the bed, they tend to leave blood spots on the sheets, and fecal matter can be spotted on the mattress itself. They can, however, inhabit your entire house, hotel, or business once they are introduced.

Because of their elusive nature and the fact that you must eradicate every bug, nymph, and egg in order to be free from these pests, it is nearly impossible to take care of these creatures on your own. The most effective way to rid yourself of bed bugs is to call on the professionals here at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. Our certified technicians will inspect your property and create a specialized plan that will fit your particular home or business and discreetly eliminate these bugs. We use specialized vacuums, steamers, and products that are proven to safely eradicate bed bugs in all their stages. We also offer bed bug monitoring services to help catch those pests before they become a big problem.

For an island like ours that depends so heavily on tourism, it is imperative that we control the onslaught of bed bugs into our community. Whether you are a homeowner wanting to keep bed bugs from affecting your family or a hotel chain that can’t afford the bad publicity a bed bug infestation will bring, Sandwich Isle Pest has the solution for you.

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