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Bed Bugs In Paradise

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bed bug crawling on a bed
No matter where you are in the country, there is a need for you to be on guard against bed bugs – and that includes Hawaii!  Bed bugs have made a tremendous resurgence in the past decade after building an immunity to the insecticides that were previously used to eradicate them and other factors.  Regardless of the reasons that led to their surge, the fact remains that they are a huge issue and that many people have no idea how to recognize or treat bed bugs. 
As you travel this holiday season, be sure to be cautious; and not just in hotels and motels either!  Bed bugs can thrive on buses, trains, planes, subways, and boats.  They can be found in libraries, museums, and laundromats.  Anywhere people are, bed bugs can thrive – and usually quite undetected!  They are sneaky little hiders and will crawl deep into any nook or cranny they can get into.  They are small reddish/brown insects that resemble apple seeds with legs when they are full grown.  The eggs are tiny, about the size of the tip of a pencil, with an opaque to white color.  These eggs are not only difficult to see, but they are capable of hatching without the help of their mother.  Once it hatches, this bug gets to work reproducing, and before you know it a few tiny eggs can grow into a large colony of bugs.
So what exactly should you be looking for when you are traveling this winter?
  • Inspect your hotel room before you open your bags

  • Pull back bedding near the head of the bed (the spare bed too!) and look for groups of black spots on the mattress (A sign of fecal stains from bed bugs!)

  • Check underneath mattress tags and around seams of mattresses and box springs

  • Check the back of the headboard – especially the screw holes where they can hide

  • Inspect the hotel closet using a flashlight before hanging clothes

  • Do not use hotel bureaus

  • Keep your shoes in the open rather than under the bed or in the closet

  • Unpack and wash your clothes immediately upon returning home

  • Unpack in a garage or mudroom, or outside – never in your bedroom

  • Inspect your suitcase using a flashlight

There are several facts that you need to be aware of when dealing with bed bugs.  Knowing these facts about bed bugs can help you determine if you have them living with you.
  • There are 3 stages of life: eggs, nymph, and adult

  • You cannot see the eggs or nymphs – they are too small and whitish in color

  • Adult bugs are reddish/brown and are about the size of apple seeds

  • Adults don’t have wings

  • Bed bugs are nocturnal

  • They usually bite on exposed areas like hands, face, neck or arms

  • They leave small blood spots on sheets when they bite

  • They leave groups of small, brown fecal spots on mattresses

  • They can hide anywhere in your home – even in electronics

  • They are highly resistant to insecticides and easily develop tolerances to new products

  • They NEVER go away on their own

If you find that you have been invaded by bed bugs, be sure to contact the experts at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions.  We’ll do a thorough and detailed inspection of your property and then develop a treatment plan that will fit your particular needs.  Our certified pest control specialists can quickly and discreetly eliminate bed bugs allowing you to get back to your busy schedule without the worry that these insects can cause.  Give us a call today and discover why we are Hawaii’s most trusted pest control specialists.

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