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Bed Bugs increasing in Maui

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Maui is the second largest island in Hawaii, and a great attraction for those seeking refuge from the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Known for having some of the best beaches in the world, “The Valley Isle” attracts people from every walk of life. One step off the plane and Maui will steal your heart with its level of sophistication and refreshing views. There are many wonderful resorts among the towns of Maui, so when booking your stay, research is the key to an enjoyable vacation. These days, online review sites and referrals are the way most people choose their accommodations. Keeping your good reputation as a resort on Maui is an important task in order to give your guests the best first impression and an exceptional experience.

With the increase of international travel, people are going places faster and more frequently than in the past. This, in turn, poses the issue of increased bed bugs infestations in the resorts of Maui. Bed bugs used to be a minimal concern, but we are now seeing a comeback. The characteristics and habits of bed bugs are the reason behind this previously over looked issue. Bed bugs are hitchhikers, and they are known to catch a ride on your luggage, purses, and even on you. If a guest has stayed at a previous location and was not aware of a bed bug infestation, when they enter your resort, they may have some extra baggage along with them. It is sometimes not easy to spot bed bugs without a trained professional because between feedings, bed bugs can even hide in bed frames, under furniture, in rugs, in walls and electrical outlets, and on wall hangings – and they can go up to a year without feeding.

Since you can never be too sure where the bed bugs come from and who brings them in, it’s very important to have routine monitoring of bed bugs to ensure the reputation of your resort and for the protection of your guests. At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we know that the hospitality industry is a competitive one, and bed bugs are a very serious issue that needs to be addressed on a routine basis. We use the newest bed bug technology of specialized vacuums, steamers, and products that eliminate eggs and other life stages of bed bugs, so we can handle even the most difficult infestations. We also offer a service to have your clothing and home items taken away for effective bed bug removal and returned to you without any harmful residue from the treatment.

A service also offered at Sandwich Isle Pest Management is bed bug monitoring. We will equip you with the knowledge to discover these bugs when they are first introduced and the ways to prevent an infestation. Also, with monitoring, we can keep tabs on the progress of services and even confirm the elimination of a bed bug problem.

Preventative measures should always be taken when it comes to the issue of bed bugs. Education is key, and knowing how and where bed bugs enter your resort or home is the first step. Removing these pests as soon as possible is the next step. The experts here at Sandwich Isle Pest can not only successfully treat an infestation, but they can also train your staff to identify this threat early. Handling the bed bug issue on your own may not be a lasting solution and areas can be easily overlooked. This is not the most effective way to eliminate these creatures quickly. Once one bed bug is able to reach a host the game is over, and that guest will never forget that experience with the bed bug bites or visible infestation. As you know, an unhappy guest is the guest that will spread the word quickest, and that is a review that you do not need!

Placing the customer first is the number one priority at Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions, so we also agree with the hospitality mentality of exceeding expectations in all services available. If your resort or home is under attack by a bed bug infestation, we are here for you. Give us a call, and you will experience the peace of mind and have the ability to proudly say ‘No Bed Bugs Allowed ‘in your Maui resort and home.

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