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Bed Bugs Take Their Toll on Maui Hospitality Industry

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A new study shows that out of 2,100 respondents asked what factors were important to them when picking a hotel; bed bugs were at the top of list of concerns. In fact, the top reason guests will switch hotels is a bed bug sighting. And, since most of the travelers who come to Maui visit a website first to make a decision on where to stay, it is vital to make sure your business doesn't have these bugs.

The problem with bed bugs is that these little pests don't crawl across your lawn and squeeze in through your exterior walls. They are brought into your business on your guests. That problem is particularly troublesome for Maui resorts and hotels because we get tourists from all over the world, not just the United States where pest control is helping to keep these bugs at bay; and it is taking a financial toll on our hospitality industry here in Maui.

How do you protect your business from a hitchhiking bug? You need to be proactive.

At Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions we partner with businesses to train staff and monitor for these bugs using the latest tools and techniques. Through this partnership, bed bugs are caught before their populations can grow, and most importantly, before they can feed upon guests.

Here are some of the signs employees are trained to look for:

  • Visual recognition. Identification of these pests is the single best way to prevent an issue. Employees will be aware that these rust-colored insects can be as small as the tip of a pen and be educated on what they look like.

  • Bites. Knowing what a bed bug bite looks like can help employees recognize a threat when they see one. This can stop a bed bug infestation even before it begins by helping staff to recognize guests that may be carrying these pests in.

  • Signs. Bed bugs leave blood stains, black fecal streaks, and shed casings on sheets and pillowcases. Employees that recognize these signs can take appropriate measures to have the room treated.

Don't wait till bed bugs give your Maui business a bad reputation. Partner with Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions and get the best proactive monitoring and staff training available. Through ongoing services, you can prevent these pests from taking root, and keep these bugs from being reported by disgruntled guests. Once a review gets out there on the web, it is too late. Get proactive about your bed bug pest control and protect your business from the ever-increasing threat of bed bugs.

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