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Beetles Found In Maui

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common ground beetle

With over 5 million species of beetles worldwide, it is no wonder that they make up more than 25% of all life forms - Fortunately for those of us here in Maui, we typically only battle with about 25 species. Some of the most destructive species are the ones that feed on wood products. They include: powder post beetles, old house borer beetles, bark beetles, and Asian beetles to name a few. No matter their name, the damages they inflict upon trees and wooden structures are costly and extensive.

There are also species here that prefer to feed on garden and floral plants. These include: Colorado potato beetle, boll weevil, and the western corn rootworm to name a few. These species of beetle will cause millions of dollars worth of damages to flowers and crop plants each year here in Hawaii.

These beetles are just a sampler of the species that are found here in Hawaii, but they represent the overall threat to the foliage and beautiful floral fauna that has come to be expected here. Many of the beetles that live here can also contaminate food products in factories, homes, and stores when they decide to invade; and some can even cause painful blisters and rashes on humans.

So while most of these beetles are not harmful to humans and pets, the damages they do to wood, crops, and flowers cannot be overlooked. The strategies required to eliminate these beetles really depends upon the specific species and their natural tendencies. It takes a specialized knowledge of beetles and the treatments that will effectively eliminate them to be successful at eradication. This is not something that most do-it-yourselfer's have the time to research.

The very best solution to keep beetles in check and prevent the millions of dollars worth of damages that these creatures cause is to call in the expert. Here in Maui and throughout Hawaii that expert would be Sandwich Isle Pest Solutions. We are the largest locally owned pest control company here in Hawaii and have worked tirelessly in the battle against pests since 1997. We employ 2 full-time entomologists that oversee all of our pest control services, and we are one of the only QualityPro certified pest control companies in Hawaii.

No beetle is a good beetle to have in your yard, home, or business. Give us a call to see what we can do to help you control beetles in and around your property.

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